Friday, December 03, 2010

A Heads Up For Those In The PNW, Cluck, Cluck

I just stopped at SafeWay to get a couple of items on my way home and they currently have whole roasted chickens in the cute little carrying case for$5.99.
You can't even hardly get a raw chicken for that.
Someone else pointed out that they have Mild Tillamook cheese, two pounds for a little over five bucks.
I had to go find some lady to find it for me, SafeWay is a giant cluster fuck if you don't know where every thing is.

I finally found the powdered milk, stay the hell away from that, it is outrageous.

The beer went out the roof too. What was thirteen ninety nine two years ago is now twenty three ninety nine for a thirty pack.

Any way, if ya are around one of these places, get the roasted chicken, you can't even make one yourself that cheap.
That will be enough for me to eat on for several days, if I quit drinking the beer.

Not likely to happen but I had chicken legs that were still hot for dinner and stuck the rest in the fridge.

Hot chicken sandwiches with melted cheese tomorrow.
I am thinking chicken and rice too.
Win, win.


  1. Nasty Girl10:20 PM

    I'm glad to hear you ate dinner and glad you have something planned for tomorrow. You eat baby and take care of yourself for me. I love you. Smooch.

  2. Same as my local store here in Texas HEB where you can not only get roasted chicken and turkey but also ribs and best of all great Bar Be Que. Brisket Something I am quite addicted to, buy a pound or 2 every month get several meals.