Friday, December 10, 2010

I Hate To Say It

But I told ya so. I knew it wouldn't take long either.

16-Year-Old Arrested For Pro-WikiLeaks Cyber Attacks

According to a press release by the Netherlands' Public Prosecution Service, the boy has confessed to participating in the attacks. They believe he is a part of a much larger group of hackers, who they are in the process of tracking down.
Once it became apparent that some of the hacking attempts originated in the Netherlands, the High Tech Crime Team began their investigation into the matter. The arrested teen has had his computer equipment seized and is scheduled to appear in court Friday in Rotterdam.


 Have a nice day you little hackers.
I told ya, when ya poke Big Business and  Governments in the eye like that, they don't fuck around.

A sixteen year old kid hasn't been around the block long enough to use 256 key encryption like this Assange guy.

Even the vaunted NSA can't crack that guy's code
A sixteen year old?

Pardon the pun, child's play.

Now that they have his computer it will just be a matter of time until they back track into the network doing the hacking.

I hope someone has a wicked strong firewall. I bet they do too.

Don't ask me what is up with the weird spacing, every time I tried to back up shit just disappeared.
I had to redo this post seven fucking times and it is still fucked up.
That's on top of the font wanting to go super large every time I turned around, that was a whole 'nuther problem.


  1. Maybe the damn thing is haunted! Sometimes I would swear that mine is!

    Take care, my friend!

  2. Maybe YOU'RE being hacked, BK!

  3. I hope someone has a wicked strong firewall. Me Too!

    Just a thought..If you cut and paste directly from an article, it does fuck up your spacing and fonts. I usually copy what I want and paste it into Notepad, so it looses all of the original font,size and spacing. Then take it and put it into my post from notepad.

  4. Fucks..i meant loses..not looses. Jeez.

  5. Busted yer definitely under surveillance.

    Drop trou and flash 'em yer skinny bleach white butt . .

    Or, we could ALL do this at a predetermined time . . . go to our front or back doors or yards . . . drop 'em.


  6. Anonymous6:28 PM

    wikileaks are falsified BS Grandioso, spreaded by elite fuckos.
    Do not pay attention to this stupid-ass crap.

    Dig about computer security and different data transfer protocols, prime computing languages.
    If nobody gets fucking Matsushita own proprietary platform scripting (for instance even fucking RGB colors are reading backwards) to hack, how in THE FUCK 16-year old jerky hacked or skinny-ass analyst sneaked over in DoD? Do u all fucking realize what kind of security procedures are over there to send fucking email circulation internally?