Saturday, December 04, 2010


 Thanks fer stopping by.

Fuck me runnin', 200.000 hits.

Y'all are some crazy sonsabitches, you do know that, right?

There must be something wrong with ya for stopping by to see what a mad man has to say.

Kinda like a train wreck kind of thing I guess.

Either way, I am going to slam another shot of cheap assed whiskey and wish you all well.

Here's to ya, yer my kind of people.


  1. Nasty Girl6:25 PM

    I hate when you are down on yourself. People are not crazy for stopping by. You are smart, articulate, very colorfully I might add, and knowledgeable. That's why they stop by. Accept it and enjoy it. I love you. And I am not crazy either. Smooch.

  2. Sugar, I am nuttier than a Claxton fruitcake...but that's not why I come 'round here. I like your kind of crazy; it's refreshingly...sane.

    Shade and Sweetwater,

  3. Nasty Girl2:33 PM

    I got on your blog at 2:30 and it said 200,000 so I think I was your 200,000 hit. What do I win?