Friday, December 10, 2010

Someone Needs A Punch In The Cocksucker

These assholes have pissed me and a few million other people off before for protesting military funerals and I have vowed if they ever get near any of my relatives it will be on, but now they have gone too fucking far.

 After news spread Thursday of the Westboro church's planned protest of Elizabeth Edwards's funeral, counter-protests have 

sprung up through social media sites to block the Westboro members from view.

On Facebook, a group, "Protect Elizabeth Edwards' funeral from Westboro clan," has 861 people promising to attend the service, arriving in the morning and staying until after the funeral. "Let's create a human buffer between Elizabeth Edwards and the Westboro church," the invite reads.
"We want to keep it peaceful," Tammy Tiffany says. The Cary, N.C., housewife will be going to the counter-protest -- "cold or not, I'm going" -- because she is disturbed by the Westboro church's actions. "We'll just stand there and form a human barrier. People who are dealing with this kind of tragedy shouldn't have to deal with this kind of nonsense."
Someone explain to me what they have against an extremely decent woman whose last years were complete hell and who handled her travails with a dignity and grace that continues to amaze me?

What, the fuck, do you have to protest about here?

Let me repeat my position.
If even one of you stupid sonsabitches, let alone forty or so, EVER showed up at ANY, funeral I was at, I would be all over the first one of you stupid sonsabitches I could get my hands on like a rabid weasel.
That is IF, I couldn't find something to club you with before I got to you.

Despicable fucking assholes.

Protesting at a funeral? Christian solders that you claim to be?

Do you even have a point?

I'd be getting ready to turn the other cheek so I could smack ya again if I were you.

There are low rent tactics and there are things that any decent fucking human being wouldn't stoop to do. This would be one of the latter, you ignorant, hateful, stupid mouth breathing fucking morons.

Were you smart enough to get Triple A this time? After your last outing having resulted in someone slashing your tires and you found that no mechanic in town would fix them because they knew who you were and why you were there?

You idiots are betting against the house every time you show up at one of these funerals to stamp your feet and bleat like a fucking goat.

You do realize, that there are funeral directors, grave diggers, hearse drivers and morticians in the vicinity, right?

Hey, in these troubled economic times, everyone is looking for work.
Do us all a favor and give them some Westboro people, drop dead, assholes.

On behalf of the Edwards family and every Service member of this country, who every one, has more class in their fingernail shavings than you,

Fuck You.

Ya wonder why I love these guys, we think alike.

Gordon, from Alternate Brain weighs in on this too.

Update Dos;

Dusty chimes in too.

 I could be here all day doing this, I just got started, I think you get it by now.


  1. You said it just right and better than I could have. Thanks for the link.

  2. I adore you Busted. I too would go to jail for beating the shit out of these fuckwads if they ever show up at a funeral I was attending.

    I say I am a bleeding heart liberal but I ain't no fucking pacifist. These scumbags think we all will allow them their 15-fucking-minutes of fame.

    Not this bitch. Oh hell no.

    I also believe hate speech shouldn't be covered by the first amendment, and that's all these idiots have to hide behind..the first amendment. SCOTUS will decide that in 2011. But with the court loaded with rightwingtards, I don't feel warm and fuzzy about the outcome.

    Thanks for the link. It was hard to hold back in my post, I was so pissed off.

  3. Phelps is fucking crazy...his entire "Church" is family and married-ins; all brainwashed into hatred.

    All the dirty bastard is really protesting is that the entire world won't "hate fags" as much as he does. His basic stance is that anyone outside of his 'speshul' church is damned and hated by his "God"....I so wish a freaking tornado would wipe his whole family compound off the Kansas map.

  4. Like I said somewhere else, where is a runaway cement truck when ya need one?

  5. Actually, a nice slow cement truck on a loooong road trip is what's needed. With that bunch rotating and premixing with the cement.

  6. These are some sorry folks, without a doubt!

  7. Have you been following the case of Ryan Newall, a double amputee vet who was busted for stalking these fuckwads. He is now out on O/R as long as he checks into the VA for treatment. McClatchy had a couple of stories about this.

  8. I saw the original story, I bet those bastards heaved a big sigh of relief when they herd about that.

  9. The WBC folks are "Equal Opportunity Assholes". Hell, the protested at Mr Rogers funeral!

    I joined the Patriot Guard Riders to help military families not have to deal with these assholes. Hopefully, the local police will cordon these assholes far enough away that they won't disturb anything.

    The Phelps Family Circus got a nice welcome in Oklahoma recently -

    Amazes me that no one has killed any of those assholes yet. Not like it'd be all that difficult. Just need people who could keep their mouth shut.

  10. NIce rant Busted, great comments folks.

    I have nothing to add that hasn't been said.

    They come to Sacto, least I'll do is stand and hold a blankie up to shield them off.

    N then I'll fuckin pray (I'm rather agnostic) one or more of them gets close to me.

    Cuz, ya know Judge, I thought he/she was gonna hurt me given the shit they were spewing, n they got up in my face within a foor or so . . . so I beat the fuck out of them.

    Uh, yes, 6 of them, to be specific, Yer Honor. That's correct.

    No, after that that they all backed away and left, Yer Honor. I was no longer threatened.

    Yes, yes I thought I was being threatened for my life, Yer Honor.


  11. I am a left wing anti-religion asshole. I am generally willing to shun violence but in the case of these cocksuckers, I hope all of them get their teeth knocked out (make 'em better cocksuckers that way)...if they bring their kids-the adults should suffer.. cut off their dicks and fill their pussies with cement (no more little rightwing christers that way)...

    Bulldoze their temple of hatred to the ground and plant 'em asshole up so roving bike gangs can use 'em as semen containers.

    Fuck 'em, I say

  12. I'm with Kelly. I'm almost always against violence, but when it comes to these Westboro motherfuckers, my reptile brain takes over and all I want to do is feel my knuckles on some faces. Hard. Also, under normal circumstances, there are usually people around to separate the combatants, but I have a suspicion it would take bystanders a while to peel me off whichever fucker I got my hands on because even the cheese-eating surrender monkeys hate the fuck out of these assholes.

  13. Harsh words for all of you nonviolent folks. Nah, the woman is dead let her people grieve without interference.
    Don't agree with her, definitely don't agree with them. There's a fine line between religion and fanaticism. Yea, I'm the right wing, God fearing type. I equate this to bombing an abortion clinic. Makes one think of the IRA blowing up their own train station, or the LA ghetto trash burning their own hoods. Some people just don't get it. Jim Jones would be proud of these folks, pass the kool-aid!!

  14. Kellyofsiam, good comment to add to busted's remarks. I am left wing, non-religious and non-violent, but I would make exceptions for these folk.

    Free speech? I am all for it, but this is worse than yelling "Fire" in a crowded theater. There have to be similar limits to what these fools are doing at funerals.

    Maybe we need another law that has nothing to do with free speech, just something about disturbing funerals at all.

    No family deserves to have a funeral interrupted for anything.