Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Beware, The People Of WallMart Are Now All Spies

If, for some fucking reason, you still shop at Wallmart, I pity you. I have been in a few, only because I needed one specific item and they were the only thing open.
I can only describe it as being ankle deep in shit after you dived in head first.

Do you see these people?

 This is a small sampling of what you will typically see in one of these places.

Believe that shit? It's fucking true.
Do you want to know the best part?
Every one of these people has now been officially encouraged to call the Department of Homeland Security on yer ass if they think you are buying too much of one thing or another or think you look funny. That is no joke.

People like this literal shit stain have been encouraged by Janet Napolitano, head of DHS, to " Say Something If You See Something

So, if you go buy a couple bricks of .22 ammo and one of these fuckwits hasn't taken their medication that day, you could get a nasty surprise when you go to get in your car.

When are we as a people, going to quit wetting our pants every time we turn around? When is OUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT, going to quit wetting it's pants every time we turn around?

I, for one, have had quite enough of this over blown paranoia.
I have a better chance of getting hit by lightning than meeting Achmed riding his camel through the parking lot with a loaded AK47 and if I did meet Mr. Achmed, I would certainly want those bricks of .22 that I just tried to purchase at Wally World.

Get your fucking heads out of your asses and stand up for yourselves for Christ's fucking sakes and tell the government Nannies to go fuck themselves. This isn't Germany in 1932 and quit trying to make it that way.

I have better odds of getting mugged for my cell phone than being attacked by some fucking Jihadist and ya can't protect me from that, what makes you think you can protect me from Mr. Achmed?

Pull your head out of your ass and do something productive, like shipping hundreds of thousands of copies of   The Sound of Music to North Korea, postage due.

This Police State shit is getting old.

H/T to Mayberry for the heads up and H/T to Funny Pictures at Wall Mart for the pics.

BTW, when I put all those labels at the bottom? That's part of the commentary, I could give a shit about the labels for files thing.


  1. Sweet piss bag Busted, come now don't fib I know you shop at wally world.

  2. I haven't stepped foot in one of those in over five years.

  3. Five years is a long time. Hell I shop there from time to time. Good honest home town kind of folks!

  4. Heh, I always make sure to read the labels. They're the icing on the cake!

  5. I go to MallWart a coupla times a year for cheap tennis balls for my dogs, Sta-Bil, stuff that's cheaper than anywhere else. I go there as little as possible. i'd rather go to K-Mart but Carson City doesn't have one.

    Doesn't Oregon have strict rules on buying .22 ammo anyway?

  6. Hey, BK, I think yer onto something. Tell everyone: Al Qaeda shops at Wal-Mart.

    Maybe we'll get the cocksuckers shut down once and for all once the meme spreads.

  7. Hey Gord? Thank goodness I am on the other side of Oregon if that's the case.

  8. Dude, just when ya had me reeled in again, you went n got funky, foolish, and insane.

    I'm not that real interested into insanity.

    WTF . . . It IS Germany, it IS pure corporate fascist oligarchy on yer ass, on them BIG FAT ASSES in the pics ya chose (why?), and on me and all of us.

    So yer skinny, I'm not.

    Yer cold, I'm warm.

    You got a fuckin point?


    Kill da wabbit!

  9. Oh, WTF is a brick of ammo . . .

    I recall a brick of weed . . . it was fucking decimal . .

    2.2 lbs.

    FUckin speak Engrish, will ya?


  10. Anonymous6:40 AM

    LaRue, STFU !
    Can't figure out what a "brick" of ammo is ?
    Maybe a brick of cheese would suit ya better, yes?
    Ya phukin Azzhat.


  11. Anonymous7:06 AM


    FYI: a "brick" of ammo is used for knocking people (who wear shorts with their catheter bag) in the head.

  12. LMFAO!!

    Larue, a brick of .22 shells is 500 shells in a box. Apparently you can use them all at once instead of one at a time through a rifle. I wouldn't have thought of that one.

    Jesus, I am still laughing.

  13. Hey Busted, you got tard trolls that don't know what the hell a brick of .22LR is !!! Give these tards some hell old buddy !!!

  14. Anon made me laff . . Busted, thanks for the details.

    I'm not familiar with a rapid fire .22 weapon that would fire belt fed .22's to use up a whole box, er, brick, to kill a wabbit . . . or a progressie . . .

    Do they make 'em?


  15. N by the way, chicks in stockings are hot, even the, umm, over nourished one's.

    I'm sure your more red necked oriented ass hat white male iso's might agree with that . . .

    Unless they been in the wilderness so long sheep look good unsheared.


    There IS a downside to that isolated livin ya know . . . you forget how to live with humans.


  16. Anonymous7:34 PM

    "This isn't Germany in 1932 and quit trying to make it that way"

    Btw, for Historical analogy's sake, I wish we have such unity around strong leader as Germans had. No fucking jokes, my proud citizens.

    Josie, The Pre-Historical One