Monday, December 06, 2010

It's Back

Blowing like a motherfucker again.
What the Fuck?  See that blue shit slamming into Washington state? That be me.

I got a glimpse of the weather pattern and it it is the classic, come from Wassilla by way of the Gulf of Alaska, do the counter clock wise twist and slam into the southern coast of Oregon and whistle your way up every ones ass past the Oregon coast and into the Willamette valley and straight up my fucking ass and past me to towards Seattle again. the classic cold weather storm in the Pacific North West.

 A Counter Clock Wise nasty fucking  cold front from Alaska that slams into the Oregon coast, where I grew up and back North again .
Oh hell yeah, we have the wind gusts again and it is going to get fucking cold again.

It ain't even winter yet and I am already freezing my as off.

Here KittyKitty.

So far,no precipitation. It is still nasty fucking shit.

So far, I have several blankets on me but I am fixing to ratchet the fucking heaters on in a second.

Cold can be subjective. Folks in Canada can either be huddled up inside or walking around in shorts, seriouisly,,
Folks in Florida can be laying around in skimpy bathing suits and ordering fruity cocktails.

Me? I am bundled up up in multiple blankets and still freezing my ass off because I am a skinny sonofabitch and it just got cold in here

Cold. The temperature has dropped twenty fucking degrees in the last two hours.

I don't give a shit what the weather man says, there is thing called Micro Climate.

I don't give a shit what the electric bill is going to be, I am turning the knob on the space heater


  1. brrrr stay bundled up and hunkered down my friend

  2. You are going to get blasted too honey!

  3. ordered more logs today and the delivey guy will call me tue. weather dood did say that this weekend would be warm and wet as opposed to the cold and wet...

  4. Anonymous5:10 AM

    I told ja screwing with Sarah Palin (Wasilla) would only draw bad karma, lol.

    Sorry, hope weather situation improves soon. Hey, good time to shack up with Nasty Girl, two bodies under a blanket sounds like a good way to fight the winter chill.

  5. Busted, good weather report/analysis . . .

    Seems the Pac NW shit IS dropping down into CA, and the southern storms evaporated.

    But it's been a TRIP to watch so many of these fronts to rotate BACK on themselves.

    I'd not really seen this before, so it's kewl to learn how this shit works . . . stay warm any way ya can . . . thermals, dude. N then pants and turtleneck, then big ass shirt, layer of goretex . . . gloves, double socks n polar fleece booties if ya got 'em.

    Winter camping in The Weasel Den!

  6. It got down below 0 F. here for a coupla days. Back up into the 40s but more storms a-comin'. From 3 feet of snow on the ground to about one foot now. It ain't even winter yet. Sunny now, but 2 weeks of gray skies and various types of inclement weather. No cabin fever because I've been having to get out into the great outdoors to deal with it.