Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Pass the Popcorn

This WikiLeaks story is getting very interesting.
On one hand, I have to admire the guts of these people for shutting down some major players like  Mastercard and Visa.
On the other hand, being the old geezer I am, you people are playing with fire now.

When you start fucking around with Big Money, you will find out they have a long memory and some friends in High Places, who also have friends in Low places.

Think Guido and his propensity to break knees.

I predict this is going to end badly with a great deal of collateral damage, Net Neutrality being one of them. This will just give more ammunition to those rotten fuckers who want to limit the freedom of speech and the availability for us regular morons to have access to information on the Net without too much butt fucking by the Powers That Be.

So be it.

Kick 'em in the fucking balls while ya can.

We already live in George Orwell's predictions and we are running full tilt towards The Matrix.

The battle has been engaged, there will be casualties and I don't much care for our chances but it is too fucking late now.

Which color of pill will you take?

H/T BradBlog


  1. Much has been written about Assange, wikileakin, and such.

    Security, terrorism . . . bullshit.

    Truth panics the 1%, every time.

    As to this all leading to internet freedom loss . . . is spot on, and well documented.

    This is a well crafted ploy to get to control of info on the internet . . . and kill dissent and criticism of the 'system'.

    Like the tax plan Obama backs is a clever ploy to get to breaking and privatizing SS despite that SS is NOT a deficit issue.

    I'd post links, but aside from Busted (he knows who I read) links are some kind of scourage in here from what I've seen of unreasoned discourse . . kinda like science is to religious phreaks . . .


  2. The death of internet freedom is one of my bugout criteria. 1984 is here. I took the red pill...

  3. Screwing with my internet will not be a good thing. I am wondering about the third party out there that is nudging all sides just to create some noise. We have an interesting future for sure.

  4. Pull up a chair Larue, ain't nobody gonna hurt ya fer Chrissakes.

    This is my old pal Larue.
    He is a kick ass Chef but not quite into the survivalist or prepper mentality but we have been pal's for several years.

    Maybe I can talk him into sharing a recipe or two, the motherfucker knows how to eat well and when I call him a motherfucker, I mean that as the highest compliment.

    He is a mean motherfucker in the kitchen.
    He might not know about guns but he can slice and dice with a knife that would scare ya.

  5. Well then, I'll bring him a fresh kill to cook up for us. Not a CONgress critter though, they're way too greasy...

  6. Mayberry, I may quibble with you about some things . . . but not with internet freedom and the loss of it.

    I'm not ever gonna be an iso . . . but I'll admit I wish I could . . .

    There very well be only small pockets left of us humans in the next 30 years.

    Aside from the doom and gloom I see coming . . .

    I wish you well and thank YOU for your iso musings and such.

    At least they is readable and I generally concur with ya on stocking up and prepping.


  7. Whoa Busted . . . thanks for the PR.

    I kinda tore into a general crowd thru a few of yer recent diaries . . . without being gentle.


    No bear grease.

    I am a big fan of Mayberry, usually. *G*

    N there ARE preppers you've linked me to, who post to you here . . . n there are some who will iso and prep, and others who will hold to social constructs for non iso livin.

    I can handle firearms, if shown . . . have shot some in my years . . . l can also defend and fight for my 'castle' by hand.

    I can do a lot of things . . . not like preppers though, who can do ALL of it themselves.

    I respect them for that . .

    I'm not an engineer, architect, carpenter, plumber and such . . . or electrician.

    I would hope that in the aftermath of what's comin, though, any of us could knock on a door and help to survive better.

    Me and mine don't mind workin for livin.

    Never have. It's all we know.

    I may knock on yer door, you may knock on ours.

    WE will take ya in if ya need . . . we'll do our best . . . I only hope this road goes both ways . . .

    Bless ya Busted, n sorry to you and yer folks if I was harsh too much, below.

    I'm just a bit aggravated lately by life, politics and living . . . N I get a bit nasty when I get riled . . . yeah, me, a fucking progressive gets RILED like fuckin ass hats.

    Go figger, huh . .


  8. Mayberry, I know how to fillet and cook greasy foods . . .


    I say, they are ALL our staple . . .


  9. JOhn, yer interferin in my most rightous fuckin ranting . . .

    Get the hell offa here . . . less Busted sez ya can stay . . . that's not my call.


  10. george orwell's 113th dream

  11. That was great.
    Where in the hell do you find this stuff?

  12. in the utubes. duh! (laughing)

    i first heard it on kpig when i was still down in ca.. gets truer every day...

  13. Which color of pill will you take?

    Blue. Look for results in about an hour and a half...