Saturday, December 18, 2010

Have A Sit For A Spell

Relax and enjoy this.

Have a shot, a beer and a smoke, you will thank me later.
One of my favorites.

I won't go into the seven fucking trips to the stores today and all the Merry Fucking Christmas shit I am having to endure because of my Girl Friend. She just LOOOOVES Christmas.

It's a giant pain in the fucking ass if ya ask me. I needed something to relax to for a minute.

Heh, sucker punched ya there. Still, good tunes.


  1. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I got Lita Ford playing at the moment . . . I will come back for the Floyd . . . I do not get the hate people have for this time of year. Then again nobody around here ever stresses about getting crap. They stress about cooking well or singing well instead. Xmas is not about materials. The Wild Hunt, which begins Dec 24, the Yule Tide, does not require gifts. In fact historically it is about kicking your 16 year old to go a Viking, julsvinar(sp? Islenska.) Have a bourbon and relax, smack fuckers the opposite, my advice. ;)

  2. Ha! I saw her live in a little dive bar back in the 80's in Portland and she couldn't carry a tune in a velvet lined bucket. Cute as hell though!

    Thanks fer stopping by and Merry Christmas to ya.

  3. Dude, I got about HUNNERT Gordon Lightfoot tunes that would make ya fall in love with yer old lady all over again . . .

    N a few more artists that just do that to ya.

    I got some rock shit from 60's live that would kill ya.

    N I bet, I could get a list of stuff to ya that would make ya fall in love with acoustic picking . . . and trad and new grass and old timey . . . not to mention Gypsy Swing . . . I bet Nasty Gal would flip on Django N Stephane . . . N Hot Club Du France.

    I bet.

    Yeah, I bet.