Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fuck You Very Much

Someone can kiss my fucking ass;
Dear Americans: If you are not "authorized" personnel, but you have read, written about, commented upon, tweeted, spread links by "liking" on Facebook, shared by email, or otherwise discussed "classified" information disclosed from WikiLeaks, you could be implicated for crimes under the U.S. Espionage Act -- or so warns a legal expert who said the U.S. Espionage Act could make "felons of us all."

As the U.S. Justice Department works on a legal case against WikiLeak's Julian Assange for his role in helping publish 250,000 classified U.S. diplomatic cables, authorities are leaning toward charging Assange with spying under the Espionage Act of 1917. Legal experts warn that if there is an indictment under the Espionage Act, then any citizen who has discussed or accessed "classified" information can be arrested on "national security" grounds.
Lick, my fucking balls.

Btw, that is a link to the Sedition Act.

Lick my fucking balls again.

That is the act of some pussy motherfuckers afraid their nasty shit would actually get exposed.

The same kind of shit that brought us the Patriot Act.
Some pussy motherfuckers trying to hide their illegal shit behind a bullshit law with the full cooperation of the United States Fucking Senate.

So now they are pulling this Sedition Act Bullshit out of their fucking asses and trying to scare people. 

Fuck You.

No, I am serious. Fuck You.

This may be why the State Department has warned certain people not to read or to discuss WikiLeak content on social media -- not unless they wished to be considered a security risk. CNN reported that "unauthorized federal workers and contractors have been warned not to attempt to read the classified documents on WikiLeaks." According to the recently hacked Gawker, an anonymous tip revealed that the U.S. military warned soldiers not to read "about the Wikileaks disclosures-or read coverage of them in mainstream news sites." Even students at Columbia University that might wish to be hired by the State Department were warned not to comment upon or post links to the WikiLeak cables.

Oh my God, not even read them?

You do realize, they can track that shit, right?

Apparently not. As much as they brag about their electronic sneaky fucking prowess, it seems they are not as omniscient as they would like you to believe.

Trying to scare everyone just for reading what is by our our right, that has to be leaked instead of what by rights should have already been public information?Once again, Fuck You.

Worse yet, threatening our whole population with imprisonment for doing so?
Who the fuck, do you think you are?"


You know where I am.


  1. I'm with you - what the fucking fuck??! This is the crux of the buscuit - information control. Guns and guts are about all we have left (and a little weed).

  2. Hi OB - hope all is well and your feet are warm and dry :-)


  3. I'm thinking maybe if they didn't act like assholes people wouldn't find out they had been acting like assholes. PLEASE someone buy my outfit so we can get gone!

  4. The feds gotta be out of their fucking minds if they think they can pull that shit, how many millions have read the stuff that we PAID FOR WITH OUR MONEY, shit we own the stuff.

  5. Nicely said scott.

    Hiya to the rest of you ornery fuckers too.

  6. We are all Julian's now . . .


  7. Should I panic because I heard some of the leak info on the radio? I guess as long as I promise to be a good little boy and not tell anyone that govcorp says impolite things. Really, they act like pissy little bitches.

    When knowledge is illegal, look out below. We're fucked.

  8. Trying to put the smoke back in the bottle? Sweet Jeebus, that shit never works.

    I'm of mixed emotions on this whole thing. What that little bastard, PFC Manning did was treason, plain and simple. All of the, "Information Needs to be Free" people ought to be glad he (hopefully) didn't have access to shit like say........encryption codes, nuke subs or other shit like that. Fuck him.
    Technically, Assflange is an accomplice to that along with any of the other helper elves at the WikiThing. So I don't really care if he gets his ass torched or tossed in Leavenworth for it either.

    You Knew the job was dangerous when he took it and all that shit.

    I'd be willing to bet that the folks involved in this are all fucking tools and being used anyway. I'd be more interested to know by who, why and all that.

    This BullShit of trying to scare folks into not reading what's already out there is ridiculous and really makes the Feds/Gov look more incompetent than usual. "You're not gonna get that GS12 promotion if you read this shit", is such a futile effort it's just sick. It also shows, as you pointed out, that they're not quite the, "Great and Powerful OZ!" they'd like us to believe.

    Screw it. The whole fucking system is likely to implode from being broke anyway so that GS12 job ain't gonna mean shit anyhow.

  9. Just as a sign of how insane this is....this is not the first instance of this kind of bullshit. A good while back, someone I'd known for a long time stopped commenting on my blog; then stopped reading it. Then stopped replying to my comments on HER own blog...because, see, she couldn't be "seen" communicating with me because of my topic matter.

    Right. Nucking futs, it is.

  10. Preach on, brotha! I have no idea why the Guvmint is so intent on making a shitstorm out of this. You'd think nothing had ever been leaked from the government before.

    They're only making it worse for themselves (and looking like retards in the process) because there's no fucking way they're prosecuting the tens of thousands of U.S. citizens who've seen or heard WikiLeaks material.

    I'm proud to comment right here that I support WikiLeaks' efforts and I'm looking forward to learning more about the dickheads at the top and their nefarious actions as the cables keep rolling out. Can't wait for that big bank release, either. Lick my balls, indeed.

  11. Bustednuckles - it's not good to keep emotions bottled up - tell us what you really think!

    Great post!


  12. Frank Zappa, on the Joe's Garage album liner, wrote that eventually laws will be passed that everyone can inadvertently break, so we can all be criminals, just like politicians and church leaders.

  13. I'm with you O.B. If I had a set of 'mother fucking balls' They ( The Senate, The House, The Feds, The FBI, The CIA and anyone else I might have missed) could lick them, but since I don't they can all kiss my fat, dimply ass instead.