Monday, December 06, 2010

It Finally Let Up

Holy shit has the wind been blowing around here.
Four days straight, it has just been howling! Cold sumbitch too, my heater is crying it's eyes out trying to keep up.
Last night was really bad, I am afraid to look outside right yet. There was stuff crashing and banging all night long and this thirty five foot long Fifth Wheel was rocking and shaking like an empty cattle car on a stretch of particularly nasty track.
It finally died down some and then it started pouring.

As of this minute, all is quiet.It's probably just taking a breather getting ready for another big blow.


  1. And it must have turned my way, Busted.

    Snow here.

    Waaaaay too early!

    Love ya,


  2. It's a tit nipply here too, goddammit. The only reason I stay in this third world shit hole is for the warm weather, but the last few years of Gorebal Warming have made it fucking cold around here in the winters. I'm beginning to rethink my preferences...

  3. Mark Smeraldi7:12 PM

    Mayberry, weather and climate are not the same thing, and that is an important distinction. Climate is powered by heat and determines local weather (temp., wind etc.). More heat means bigger weather (hotter,colder, windier) not locally warmer weather. Wild cold weather should point your attention toward, rather than away from global warming just sayin'

  4. Busted, this La Nina is really weirding out the storm tracks across the Pacific, both south and north tracks.

    We're getting SOME southern storms here i Sacto, but the USSR/SIberian and Gulf Of Alaska shit that usually drops down is NOT dropping down . . . n yer gettin it all.

    N we have STILL got lots of rain and snow in tghe Sierra's . . . drought's over for now, and it's early in the season!

    Suz knows a lot about this stuff . . . hope she'll chime in some . . . . but snow at her place already? Wow . . .

  5. i don't have snow larue -- check out the difference in spelling of my name and suzan's...

    the feels like temp is a solid 10 degrees colder than the thermometer... and its a forking damp cold


  6. Thanks for the mention, Larue!

    And I do know a bit about it (although I'm sure Suzanne knows waaaayyy more).

    Mark has it straight on - correctamundo! Waaayyy worse weather everywhere.

    We used to stay very warm almost until XMAS. Imagine our surprise to have had nothing but 32-degree days for the last week.


    Love you guys!