Wednesday, December 08, 2010

That's Rich

You'll get the obvious pun shortly.

White House Privately Pushing Data Showing Bush Tax Cut Extension Politically Popular

A Senate aide sent over a copy of the email that an administration aide sent to offices on Wednesday morning. In it, the aide touts Gallup polling data showing that "Two-thirds of Americans (66%) favor extending the 2001/2003 tax cuts for all Americans for two years, and an identical number support extending unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed." 

Sure, two thirds of regular Americans are in favor of this crap.
Numbers lie because the people doing the polling can twist those numbers to fit their agenda.
Do you want to know how they could have possibly come up with these complete bullshit statistics?

HMM, sixty six percent, that one is easy.

They asked Mitch McConnell and John Boehner what they thought and then some poor slob who's unemployment ran out bumped into them looking for a hand out.
That's three, divide that up and you get sixty six percent.


Don't be fooled by this fucking horse shit, there is no way in hell that two thirds of the average American public backs giving those rich cocksuckers more money.

Unemployment extensions I can see but someone is trying like hell to spin the capitulation of one Barack Hussein Obama to the fucking Republicans again, and I for one, ain't buying it.



  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    It isnt "giving back" money to 'the rich'...its not taking it from them to begin with. And if these tax breaks are extended to all Americans, regardless of income level, that seems pretty fair.

  2. Watch this and tell me that these tax breaks are going to do a damn thing for ninety percent of us. Don't be shy, sit back and watch the whole damn thing, then you decide how great they are.

  3. Busted, the shits getting so ugly, deep and perverse even I am lackin in ability to rant much about it all anymore.

    For the more ignorant amongst yer followers the poor are getting taxed and the rich ain't.

    IF we taxed those of $1 million or more PRE Bush cuts, we'd halve the fuckin deficit in two years and preserve services to our citizens . .

    ALL our citizens.

    Essential services, the kind a just and honorable society and nation SHOULD strive to provide for the masses . . .

    Fire, police, schools, healthcare, roads, stuff we ALL use daily . . social security (how many of your followers need that SS check every month I wonder, or will need it soon?).

    So, I'll say this once.

    We are ALL getting screwed on so many levels without bear grease it's a wonder there aren't more rectal tearings in our er units.

    N the dims and the pugs are no different.

    It's a fuckin class war bitchez, and race and color and religion got NOTHING to do with it . . . your fucking civil rights are at risk if yer any color, any gender, or any sexual preferent type.

    N Busted, your catch of this so called 'poll' is evidence of all I said.

    They fucking lie . . .this shit's as made up as Sarah Palin's career and face . . .

    And we the people are fucked.

    The upside?

    It's all fucking unsustainable . . . rich or poor.

    This shit as it is will collapse of its own volition, just like Rome and USSR.

    It will collapse with our revolution or without us taking it to the streets.

    Most of us are gonna die very inglorious deaths . . . we the people. Of disease, lack of shelter, and more. Young and old.

    Cuz when it collapses, it will be ugly.

    Oh, one more bright light to share . . . really . . . a bright light.

    When it collapses, there will be no one to kick us out of our rental or owned properties . . . so we'll likely have SOME shelter . . . others will need to share it with us so I hope the whacko iso's understand this.

    It's how humans best survive, together and sharing . . . not alone and isolated. That's a cold lonely and dismal life IMHO.

    We humans is social creatures, we can't help it. The iso's? They just can't hack being with others . . . . not my fault.


  4. So JOE BIDEN comes out of the arm twisting meeting with Democrats: [As he left, Biden told reporters the meeting was "great."]

    Don't get me wrong, I LIKE Biden and Obama. Sort of in the way you like a beneficent MOBSTER, but fucken Biden can't add and subtract much LESS actually CONVINCE anyone of anything...

    This deal looks and smells like the deal we are going to get. WH is spending a lot on props NOW to tell us what a great deal they whacked together. Where were all these fucking props and energy when we NEEDED universal health care coverage, for instance?

    To be honest, the Obama crew HAS pushed through a lot of good legislation against a REAL party of NO and HELL NO, but there sure dosen't appear to be ANY goddamned spirit in the whole crew (except Elizabeth Warren, that is).