Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Take me and my buddies to the border, right fucking now.

So, Al-Maliki says they can handle it from here.

It's about fucking time.

After the giant cluster fuck that Bush got us into, training their sorry asses, getting killed for their sorry asses, killing everything that moved for their sorry asses, leaving BILLIONS of dollars of equipment that we built and shipped over there for their sorry asses and mysteriously losing NINE FUCKING BILLION DOLLARS to be divied up by their sorry asses, they want us out next year.

I have news for you asshole, seventy percent of the voters in this country were stupid enough to get duped into us sending our young men and women over there on false pretences in the first place because our fucking government lied through their teeth to make excuses for Dick Fucking Cheney and his fat fucking cronies to try and steal your oil.
Sadly, you actually fell for it.
The other thirty percent of us saw right through that bunch of treason and have been screaming to bring our people home ever since.

You want it? You fucking got it.

What I don't want to hear is that we can't afford to bring our equipment home again.

Fuck. That.
We could afford to send it over there, we can afford to bring that shit back and you motherfuckers can go right back to riding camels and using what ever fucking weapons we already gave ya.

As a matter of fact, just because our government leaders seem to be dumber than a box of rusty hammers and want to keep playing fuckity fuck in that other sandbox called Afghanistan, that joint is a whole lot closer than here and apparently they can use all the fucking people and equipment they can get their fucking hands on.

Bonus, Karzai is missing his Butt Buddy Bush.

I want to fucking puke that no one has pulled the plug on this corrupt fucking asshole.

Air lift every goddamn fucking HumVee and tank that can either be driven or dragged onto a transport,fill those cocksuckers up with every rifle, missile launcher , bullet, MRE and tent we can lay our hands on and get the fuck out of Iraq and Pass Go, collect two hundred fucking bucks on the savings of lives and equipment and dump those fuckers directly into the government builings in Kabul, right after we carpet bomb the fucking shit out of  them.It seems some other greedy fucking American puppet is missing the good old days and is jealous we aren't just dropping pallets of hundred dollar bills there like we did in Baghdad.
Karzai is the most corrupt sonofabitch we have seen in decades and he is our boy.

We need to give Al-Maliki his fondest wishes and be gone out of there so fast his fucking head spins.

For those who scream about the specter of Iran taking over Iraq?

Look at what we just tried to do. You know damn good and well Russia has been laughing their asses off at the ignorant fucks in our government who are too fucking stupid to admit making the blunder of their lives and are too motherfucking stupid to admit it and back off.

I got yer surge hangin' boys.
Having to resort to using drones with Hellfire missiles to blow the shit out of supposed renegades in PAKISTAN, who is supposedly an ally, is enough to recall every sonofabitch in Congress for letting our troops kill people with no declaration of war and is, on it's face, an act of war against a declared ally.

Let them fight each other and bankrupt themselves in the process.

Iran? Turkey? India? Pakistan?

Who is going to fill the vacuum of power in Iraq?

Who Gives A Fuck.

Have at it you sonsabitches.

They have been killing each other over there for over two thousaand fucking years and that is before they even heard of oil.

Vaya Con Dios, Motherfuckers.

Get our people out of a lose lose situation, cut the fucking Pentagons budget and get our own fucking shit going again.

As a matter of fact, bring back the meanest, nastiest killingest people we have trained and turn those Americans on the Domestic Terrorists that are killing our very own country.
The Bankers and those rotten fuckers on Wall Street.

That should take about a week to hunt them down, then go after all the cocksuckers who have enabled the fucking bastards.
When they are done? Give every one of them the Medal of Honor and give them the first pick on what corner office they want on Wall Street.

Rent Free, for life with the same Medical coverage those spineless fuckers in Congress give themselves.

After all that, I doubt very much any fucking elected representative in that spineless group of country killers would even whimper a protest out loud.
We might even get lucky and get to see a few of them disappear quietly somewhere else.


  1. Anonymous5:10 PM

    e-mail me (yeoldfurt@gmail.com). I've got something you might want to see.

  2. I agree with you except for one thing:

    Leave every last fucking piece of sand-worn equipment for the Iraqis' use. It's more expensive to fly or ship them home and rebuild them than to get new ones.

    I won't go quite as far as pulling a 'Dunkirk' and draining the oil out of every vehicle while the engines are running...

    Let's get our guys new stuff and not do any more criminal wars and it will last a long time, like the Korean War stuff that we used in the '60s until Vietnam ate it all up.