Sunday, December 05, 2010

Quote Of The Day

Courtesy of my Blog buddy, Lisa Golden over at That's Why;

"I like to use my razor to create political statements in my pubes".
I read that right when I was taking a big slug of my cheap beer and damn near choked to death.

Damn, that woman has a sense of humor. The quote is a link to her post, funny? Oh HELL yes!

The last line is too good to miss.

If you don't have her bookmarked and follow her travails and documentary of her life, you are seriously missing some funny shit.

This lady has a very unique perspective and I highly recommend the time it takes to read what she has to say.

She is one of my favorite people on the net and that is saying something.

Smooch baby. I know she swings by here too.
I told ya, she has taste.
Just make sure you keep any and all liquids away from your keyboard, trust me on this......


  1. Thank you, you precious precious man. I'm really sorry about your keyboard. I'd run right out and shoplift a new one for you, but that would blow my claim that I've never stolen anything except MathMan's heart and sanity.

    Thank you for the link and all those nice things you wrote about me.

  2. Honey, It is heartfelt and true, I just love your stuff.
    Heart breaking at times but freakin' hilarious the way you put things down in your own perspective.
    You aren't afraid to lay it all out there and I have tremendous respect for that.
    My best to you sweetie, hugz and kisses form a serious fan


  3. I miss her Politits blog. Those were the days. I'd vote for her, political statements or not.