Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Two Day Headache

I thought I got rid of the fucker but I see it is back.

It started last night, was here with a vengeance this morning when I woke up, afternoon, whatever.
Now it is back again.

I might have to result to the Rush Limbaugh cure.
No, ya fucking perverts, I ain't talking about little boys from foriegn countries. I have one of those little pills he likes so much.
Jesus, not the blue ones, you people are just fucking nasty, get your minds out of the gutter, you are crowding me.
I am talking pain killers instead of hard on pills, thank you very much..
I could be comfortably numb here in a few minutes, I am still debating if it is necessary.
A two day headache ain't a lot of fun.
What the fuck, all I have to do tomorrow is get cat food, take a shower, get some gas and haul ass to go see my sweety.
I certainly won't be telling her I have a headache when I get there...

While I am at it, because I just absolutely love the lady,

Have a nice day and be kind to someone.


  1. Nasty Girl11:30 PM

    If you do have a headache when you get here, you can damn well bet I will be taking it away. I know just how to do it! Smooch.

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    what kind of headache is it (tension, sinus, low blood sugar)? if you are taking aspirin, eat some chocolate with it, it will kick in faster. or anything with caffeine.
    mrs. jp (doctor's daughter)

  3. and drink lots of water, too. I love it that you ended with "...and be kind to someone..." when you weren't feeling well yourself....

  4. Nasty Girl10:23 AM

    I know right? Isn't he sweet? I love him dearly!

  5. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Might be a bit woowoo for your taste, but it works:
    I can do a remote energetic polarity therapy session on your headache. Just need your permission. Have no idea how we could communicate privately, but I drop by your site daily. I realize MzNasty has the best meds;-P
    but I offer my services(gratis) as a default when she is not around. Wish I could send you $$, but this is the best I can do, as my MrNasty and I are already running on fumes.
    Nasty's a lucky girl;-)

  6. Anonymous1:28 PM

    OK, this is my ancient recipie - works like a charm thou.
    3-4 drops of distilled water on 8.4 ounces of "Smirnoff Vodka", 3 times a day before (I fucking mean it!!!) meal. Don't you try to overdo the distilled portion - it'll drastically dissolve the goodness and important properties of al'medicine. 4 drops per full glass of vodka is the absolute MAXIMUM!!!