Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Goodbye Mayor Daley

Like the transfer of power hasn't already been drying the ink next to a bathroom stall hand dryer,
Hello Mayor Emanuel.That would make my fucking day. Dirty sonovabitch inherit fifty years of corruption and a seriously pissed of populace. IE, someone who lives there and has been documenting this shit for years.

Chicago is the epitome of coruption in this country and the ponzi scam that has been going on there for the last fifty fucking years is getting ready to collapse like the rest of the country.
If you think for one second that Mayor Daley thought he could keep this major assed Mafia style  scheme he has had since he inherited the whole deal from Daley Sr.and get away with it, You need to buy me a fucking brewery.
Yer damn right he is bailing the fuck out, he saw what happened to that fuck head Blagojovich.
I wouldn't be one bit surprised to see that bastard Daley get a personal invite to Dubai from one certain expatriot named Prince.
Birds of a feather and all that shit.
New worlds to conquer.
 They are waiting to see if Dick Fucking Cheney is going to live long enough to invite his whole cabinet and whether they can get in and out of the country without being arrested.
Good fucking riddance Mayor Daley, one more criminal cabal on the run.
There might actually be a plus side to this fucking Depression, the fucking bastards ran out of mook's to steal  from and the games are up.
See ya's.


  1. Read Michele Mores letter to Rham. HUffpo. Priceless.

  2. Shame on ya.
    You come here and leave a comment, the first one, and I have to hunt you down on the internets to find out who ya are,

    I find ya, we are of the same damn political persuasion and you have some of the same sites as me on your Blogroll but I ain't there,fix that. I just put ya on mine.
    Thanks fer stopping by.
    Do it again, often.
    Like you, I like a comment here and there.Now yer in for it, shy one.

    LOL! Busted.