Saturday, September 11, 2010

Seeing Stars

I had a very rare opportunity yesterday that I jumped all over.
I got to meet my internet heroine.The lady that inspired me to start this damn Blog in the first place,years ago.If you don't know who this lady is, you either don't watch television, use the internet or live in a cave.
That's right, Jane Hamsher of and myself.
She is just a sweetheart. She has about ten things commanding her attention at any one time but takes the time to talk to folks and really listens.

I got to meet a few other people there too, it was at the National NORML convention in Portland.
They are trying to get weed legalized, have been for years but it is looking like a real possibility.
This is Teddy Partridge, one of the contributors at FDL I have yakked back and forth with for years, hell of a nice guy too. Hell, everyone there was nice and very polite!

 Double bonus, my friend Suzanne drove two hours from the coast to meet us, she is also a contributor and a moderator at FDL, has been for years and even she had not met Jane before!

We all had a great time.
The event is being held at the Governors Hotel in downtown Portland, a fancy old place. It cracked me up to see these formal doormen opening the doors for all of these stoned out of their gourd hippies.
I went up to the second floor where all of the display booths were and when I got off the elevator all I could smell was skunk weed.
I went looking for a rest room and stuck my head in this room at the end of the hall and got knocked over. There was a bunch of people in this room just smoking out.
That would explain a lot, I almost got a contact high just sticking my head in there!
Anyway, I had a good time and like I said, everyone was real nice.
I chatted with Jane for a while and then waited while she went up to the fourth floor to watchone of the speakers that she was highlighting at FDL.
While she and Teddy were gone, I manned the booth for a while and had people fill out a petition and gave away stickers and pins for their trouble. Did I mention there were little cuties all over the place? Oh yeah.

Jane finally came back and got busy again, people are always coming up and talking to her and when that isn't going on she has her nose in her laptop doing something or other, like I said, she is a busy lady. Sweet, quick to smile, genuine and has beautiful sparkling blue eyes.We sat and talked for quite a while, I think I was there over three hours.
Yep, I had a great time.


  1. Lookit all them liberal commie hippie fascist patriots! It's like Old Home week.


  2. Dude, I never knew you were so handsome! No wonder the ladies can't keep their hands off yer ass!

  3. I want one of those tee-shirts!

  4. I am so Fucking jealous Busted fucking jealous!!
    But glad to see all of you in one place, about time I got to see ye'r ugly puss..../s
    I will get up that way not sure when but I do have family in Portland and gramps needs to see the grand kids now and then...

  5. Your one lucky bastard, She a friend on face book, but like she would have time to talk with me. Good for you man. I hope she's doing well.

    btw your one skinny prick.;)

  6. Wow, not at all what I pictured. Somehow I envisioned someone shortish, gingery -- like Peter Mullan at his blue collar best. (Mullan appears about 35 seconds into the linked video...any excuse to link to something with the scrumpdillyicious Jamie Sives.

  7. Hi Busted Knuckles,

    Nice pictures and I'm glad you had a good time.

    You're not at all what I expected. With a tweed jacket, you'd pass for an English professor. Reading your posts, I pictured a burly curmudgeon. But you look positively pleasant!

    I'm running low on ingredients for my blog. Can I stop by later for a cup of expletives?


  8. I keep telling ya I am a skinny little bastard, you thought maybe I was joking?
    It was awesome to meet Jane, I threw a fit when I thought I missed her and it is always great to see my other sweetie Suzanne.
    As fer being handsome, I will let other people think what they want, I try to avoid mirrors at all costs.
    Nahant, get yer narrow ass up here so we can all get together, the fish are running right now I haven't even had time to drop a line but my brother has been busy ripping the lips right off of them and sticking them in the freezer.

    Thank you all fer stopping by.

  9. Nasty Girl6:30 PM

    He is handsome and sexy. OMG, I miss you baby. Smooch.

  10. Sorry to burst yer bubble Jill, I ain't near that good looking.

  11. You get it all Busted. Good on you and your buds!!!

  12. Nasty Girl7:12 PM

    You are so that good looking!

  13. Looks like you had a good trip, Busted! Always good to meet folks in person that we know only from the web!

    All in all, looks like a real good time and a great turn out!

  14. I figured you would be a sort of broken down, beer-bellied, disgruntled looking fellow. But, you are soooo sexy looking.And, pleasant to boot.

  15. so glad we all were able to hook up for a wee bit friday afternoon. wish i wouldn't have had to leave so early but....

    huggies and smooches babep

  16. Have NOT even read comments.

    But YOU sir, are an official fuckin fuck of a fuckin fuck ya bastard.

    Pictured with Mz. Hamsher? Cuddled with TeddyP Suz?

    Damn your too old too wrench, it's shows in yer beard. Course, I'm too old to chef, too. So fuck that.

    Damn, ya hustling mofo son of a beach phookin suck up bastard of a insider.

    They is lucky to have ya as their pals.

    You did good, they do good.

    She's muggin for ya, ya bastard. You need to frame a couple of them. She likes ya.


    And no wonder, her, Suz, Teddy, all yer readers.

    Ya fuck, yer a hoss. End of story.


    I'm SO fuckin jealous . . .


  17. Ok, for the tribe, for Busted's peeps, for the love of us all.

    Never have I been so happy to see people hanging together. Not even the pics from Libby Trial, or other FDL thangs.

    This one, it got to my heart, it hit hard to my DFH soul.

    So, I'll just say:

    Fuck you you fucking fucks, you fucking corporate fucks can't beat us.

    Cuz your shit will collapse, with or without us. We don't have to do shit except survive.

    And the sooner that yer shit collapses, the better.

    One more time, bless ya Onrery.

    Sweet pics, sweet efforts.

    Wish I coulda been there.

  18. Thanks Larue, I wish all of us could have been there. She is truly a sweet lady and has built a giant fucking empire in less than five years. I got a glimpse of her business face and she can be dead serious too.
    Seriously, some one is going to have to step up and get a West Coast Fire Dog get together going. There are lots and lots of us out here.
    Somewhere in the middle though, so no one has to travel more than one day. Plus, I really like a good home made potato salad....

  19. Busted, I've have been greatly sad with respect to my contributions to the proggy movement.

    I comment, I sometimes diary at Seminal.

    I'm mostly still on food shit.

    But I'm not happy with my efforts for the proggy.

    Course WHY I don't much is another story.

    But I'm woikin on it, like Butterfield woikin on Blues In Chicago.

    For now, just take the bows, know you have inspired, and yeah, I believe Mz. Hamshers eyes . . .

    Them eyes yew saw? The eyes of the . . . um, committed, the possessed, the one's who WILL change things.

    Me? I love her for what she's done.

    But I want more. And I'm a bit pissed about that.

    And I'll have to take THAT offliine.


    'We can talk anytime off line about my beliefs.

    YOU, however, are a hero, you do it out here.

    Every fucking time.


  20. It's late, I need to ghtud.

    Bless ya OB.

    Suz, and Mz. Hamsher, and Teddy P, too.



  21. G'thud dude and thanks for the kind words.

    New York style potato salad, you know, with the sour cream..

  22. I like the firedog conclave idea ... an alternative to the See How Far You Can Stick Yer Nose Up Harry Reid's Ass thing they did in Vegas this year.

    Been to NN once when it was still Yearly Kos, and had a great time, mostly sitting around with my blogsister Melina and blogging and talking to folks rather than sitting and watching panels of self-appointed "experts" (read: alpha dogs) pontificating on how to gain political power. (How's that working out for us, anyway?) Mostly what I remember is Atrios walking around looking glum and supercilious at the same time and Cenk Uygur strutting around in a fancy suit like a bantam rooster. (I have forgiven Cenk for being an asshole, though, now that he's been fighting the good fight on the teevee...)

  23. Glad you had fun Busted! You don't look anything like I pictured : )

  24. Anonymous4:38 PM for non genetically engineered seeds. i've been trying to remember that since you were complaining abt your garden.
    best, mrs. jp

  25. Good for you, I'm happy for you :)

    Next time you have to see the portland underground walking tours.

    They are more commonly known as the Shanghai tunnels, and they were in Seattle also -- I know, my mom was there to see them in the 60's. That's a whole 'nother story, lol