Monday, September 20, 2010

When Is The last Time Ya Cut yer Finger?

Fuck me. I tried to show a kid how to peel a fucking cuckumber after I just sharpened all the knives in the place.
Showed him how to stand it up and peel it down and walked away. My mistake.
I went back in two minutes later and noticed some red assed cuckumber laying on the  drain board.

I gotta give the little guy credit, I never even heard a yelp.
I am working on the boy.

It was a little teeny cut but he got one, my bad. I should have been watching his little ass because he isn't familiar with sharp shit. Never even been fishing and he is a big twelve year old, fer chrissakes, his feet are as big as mine.

No worries, I figure as being the last of the old school, you learn the hard way like the rest of us did.

Then again.
At least he had the opportunity.

Update, I am surrounded by conservative  wenches who talk shit out of their own god damn conservative bullshit narratives and have no grasp of facts. Facts have no affect on them.
I am going to be quite busy beating some cute little asses here for a bit.
Then I am going to have another shot of whiskey and  get back down to their level, suck my dick and tell me we need to open all the oil wells in this country because they are there and they are ours.

Hello, the reason we are in Iraq and are flirtling with other oil rich countries is a long term strategy. We use up their oil and THEN, open our own wells.
I can't say I agree with this but it is sure as shit what our national strategy is, even if you can't see it for what it is.
Either way, I get to beat some cute little conservative asses.
I won't go where what happens after that.


  1. If that ever happens again, be the hero and teacher too. Just apply a little and I mean little pressure on the cut and have the kid raise his hand higher than his heart. He'll be amazed at how fast it stops.

    If you a dick make him dance while he's doing it, that way your entertained too.
    Glad I could help;)

  2. It was a tiny little cut.
    Proud of the boy for not even saying shit.
    In my estimation, that is part of the rights of becoming a man.
    There are too many little man childs out there who don't get that opportunity.

  3. I raised three boys and they learned that not crying at every little hurt or cut is part of growing into a man...They have to learn to be tough and work through the little shit that life throws at you!!
    You did the right thing Busted he Has to learn from someone! Oh and take that kid fishing... shit by the time I was 12 I would be fishing almost every day all summer long... Learned a lot on my own and from some old timer fishermen...

  4. Um, darling? Vegetable peelers are a couple bucks at the grocery store and learning how to wield a big ass chef's knife is actually safer, provided you are not trying to peel with it. Leverage and all, you know. Saved me many cuts. Doesn't need to be a $200 knife, I move easily back and forth between the $10 Big Lots knife and the $200 Henckels. They are the same size and shape, but the Henckels is heavier and has more heft.

  5. Cool that he didn't say anything! Like ya said, he had to learn from someone!

  6. I've had that oil theory for YEARS. There are soooo many idle pump jacks around here it ain't even funny. But they're still there. Just waiting... As for the (not so) lil' guy, maybe there is hope for the future! Most kids would be wailing and demanding to go to the ER these days...

  7. Anonymous6:47 PM

    I can relate to sharpening knives and the surprise and sometimes unexpected results when using them.
    But your post reminded more about how an adult just tells a kid to have at it. Well intentioned and with the balls up attitude to give a kid to go have at it. I laughed my butt off with the story you wrote concerning the kid who nipped his finger with sharpened knives.
    That is actually three stories I can relate to.
    I told my son to find out why a paint can rattles. I told him to use an axe. I knew as an adult that I would just use the axe to open a little hole first. The frigging kid comes back into the house covered in paint splatters. Oh shit what a clean up job before his mother found out.
    I sharpened a knife and then tried to open another hole in a belt and cut the frigging belt end right off.

  8. Hi Busted - good on ya for trying. Times change, kids change but the learned caution-ness of today's youth can get to you if you let it. So, I (like you) give 'em a knife or a rope or tell them to "get in the effin' boat and you'll be fine".

    As much as I tried, my kids are still not as good in the woods or on the water as i was when I was their age. I think that there is not enough access to the real outdoors as there used to be so kids just don't get the opportunity. Of course there is video and tv but I really think the lack of access is the #1 issue.

    The subdivisions and cul-de-sacs (yeah, my fault I moved) just don't offer the same opportunity to go out in the woods and build a camp or carve up a tree as we used to have.

    So - good on ya for not giving up. I haven't given up either and my sweet daughter (16) wanted me to gas up the car and drive to Alaska today so she could catch some King Salmon and check out some Brown Bears.

  9. Cute conservative little asses need nookie too. Keeps them from being too O'Donnell like and going all witchy on the alter.

    Course if they're all yer family, the jobs gotta fall to someone else to keep them busy and happy.