Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why Do I Smell Propane?

Guess I'll go light a smoke and find out, I know I lit all the pilot lights.
Little fucking bastard, the pilot went out for the oven.
What, you look like you are surprised you didn't hear a big boom.
Yeah, I lit the fucker, my buddy Steve was sitting right in front of me when I did. Thank goodness, it is a little tiny one. I have fallen asleep with a stove burner on before with out it being lit, ya really don't want to do that. Thank God I am up above the stove and this joint has a draft or two.The gas flows down hill and a good fart sends it elsewhere.
For some damn reason, the oven light went out. I haven't been here in a few days and this place is getting old.
I re lit it, turned the oven on a couple a times and shut it off, the pilot is still going. Just for good measure, I lit off the furnace. That should have lit the place up but it is all good.
Ya gotta love living dangerously.

Quit worrying fer chrissakes, it was just a little whiff here and there.
I thought the cat was especially glad to see me after four days.
See ya's tomorrow, maybe.
Shirley, you can't possibly believe you are going to get rid of me that easy...

Seriously, Propane, Natural gas, Kerosene, Gasoline, Coleman White Gas, none of that kind of petroleum liquid fuel is to be taken lightly, it can burn you to a crisp or blow you to an early meeting with your maker.
I kid around a bit but I have been messing with this stuff for years now. Let me tell ya, I have had my eyebrows singed off more than once.

If you smell rotten eggs , get the hell out of there.
Bad things are brewing.
For your Grand childrens sake, never, ever, ever, clean parts in gasoline, never clean parts in solvents without proper ventilation, proper protective equipment like rubber gloves and face shields and extreme attention to sources of flame, like a fucking a pilot light in a gas fired hot water heater or some idiot standing next to you smoking a cigarette and for my sakes, do not listen to what I say and do, I like you guys and I am just being a smart ass.
Nothing I do or say should ever be used as a measure of what is safe and what isn't. If, I am running my yap, you can bet your ass it isn't safe.Run the fuck away.
BTW, keep all yer fingers and toes, I don't want to have to pick your nose for ya.


  1. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Reminds me of a story. I'm 16, drunk on blackberry brandy one evening when a friends car wont start, we open the hood, take the caps off the battery and I peer into it looking for the level of the liquids. I don't see him strike his lighter behind me, I guess he was providing light so I could see, but I saw a flash in the bottom of the battery just before it exploded. Luckily no lasting effects as the battery was almost devoid of fluids, but scary none the less. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE

  2. Always a scary thing to smell propane! Main thing, don't panic but find the source as quickly as possible!

    Not only dangerous, but think of all the juice you're wasting!

    Thanks for the reminder, Busted!

  3. Nasty Girl12:49 PM

    Don't listen to him when he says not to listen to him. He CARES about people so if is running his yap about what is safe and what isn't, DO listen. He KNOWS what he is talking about. And baby, I know you have been messing with the stuff for years but PLEASE be careful. I DO NOT want to lose you. Smooch!