Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out And About Again

I barely get home after a week and have to take off again.
I am at my Aunt and Uncles tonight. They are on their way back from the Grand Canyon and one of my other Aunts has been taking care of my Paternal grandmother, who is also 96 and my Aun'ts father, who I believe is 90.
He has an appointment with the eye doctor in the morning so I am here to keep an eye on granny for a bit.
Lucky me, my uncle left his computer on.
So, party on Garth!
Eventually I will get to go back to the Weasel den for more than 24 hours at a time.
At least I get to do some much needed laundry.


  1. keep an eye on the one with that eye, y'ken, Busted?!?

  2. yay for being able to do laundry!

  3. BK
    I just got home myself. Hope things are working out for you.