Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Welcome To Chicago!!

Sorry Drifty, at least we will get the little mother fucker out of the White House.
As I recall, there is a very large lake there.
Invite Mr. Emmanuel to go hold on to a giant anchor chain very tightly, very, tightly.
Dowse him in cat fish bait first.
Now sing with me,
Anchors away my friend, anchors away.......

I expect some little bunch of sweet hearts are going to dump metric ass loads of money trying to get that little bastard put in as the new Mayor of Chicago. Actually, it is pretty much a done deal but ya have to grease the skids, ya know?
Make it look like you are trying to do something before ya light up that big cigar.

Holy fuck, get the hell out of that city.
If it wasn't bad enough before, it is going to be Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition here shortly.

It wouldn't surprise me for one fucking second that this was a deal made before Obama got installed either.

Sorry for your luck folks.
The little bastard is going to make Dailey look like a fucking Boy Scout.
Yes sir, it must be nice to have a retirement plan like that, Yer own little fifedom with unwilling serfs who can't leave and have to pay to play.
Who say's this ain't a great country?
A little lotion on those knees won't hurt either.

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  1. And people say Chicago's government ain't crooked... Give up being Chief of Staff to be a fucking mayor??!! We're talkin' some serious kickbacks...