Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow

It ain't happening today fer damn sure.

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  1. Anonymous6:35 AM

    The tune is awesome but the motto is dumb. "let ur emotions out"??? Are u fucking out of ur mind, "Jumper on the Scene"?
    So if someone doesn't like color or form of my mustaches that night should humbly express his/her feelings and pop my stupid mustached head off?
    Its so fucking pathetic. They sing for money and as everyone knows who makes them do that DO NOT really like to hear about real life. Sing about "happy 16", or "glowing moon", or "for sack of damn carrots" if someone will. But don't you EVER sing about how fucked we all together under such "orchestration" in tha'House.

    All he supposed to say is "release ur happiness here, ur fucking joy and excitement here". Not "everything", or "any emotion", ur fucking jumper.

    But music and musicians were pro's to the bone!!!!

    Josie, The Musical Critic