Thursday, September 09, 2010


OMG! I have been suffering like you can't believe for a week now.
The other day at Sweeties, I half woke up in the middle of the night and stretched in my sleep and popped something in the middle of my back that has had to been out for months. Good lord, I got rid of some serious neck spasms and my arms going to sleep all the time,The muscles in my back hurt so damn good. I can't tell you how fucking great that was. In the mean time, my lower back has been out since I moved my tool boxes and I have spent the last three days being barely able to walk.
No more.
I got hammered and fell down asleep a few hours ago and the same damn miracle happened. I woke up half awake, stretched in my sleep and crack bang boom, my lower back went back in!You have no idea how much better that is.I can actually walk again without looking like Quasimodo.It isn't even supposed to go in and out, it cost 36 grand back in 85 to get it fused together and never took,
Fuck, I am going back to sleep. I still have a few vertebra out of joint.

See ya's.


  1. Stress fucks you up to. I think Nasty Girl is good for you.;)

  2. For your back's sake, you need to whittle your tools down to a silver hammer and magic screwdriver. Knowing where, how and when to use them can provide a living.

    Save your remaining brute force for semi-civilized activities w/ Nasty Girl.

  3. Glad to see that you are having some good luck with the "self healing " aspect of napping!

    Whatever is the cause of it working...I hope you have some more!

  4. hey Busted !

    cbl from FDL here - try connecting with Jane on twitter

    she has of course a ton of followers, so try Teddy

    believe she's gonna be there for a few days

    hope all is well in Bustedville


    p.s. you know TeddySF has moved to Portland within the last month, right ?

  5. Smooch honey!
    I already got a hold of Teddy and Suzanne and if I can get my lazy ass up and get cleaned up enough to go out in public I am hauling ass to meet up tomorrow.