Sunday, September 05, 2010

Outta The Loop

Been at Nasty Girls since Thursday.
Yeah I have internet access, I have surfed around too. I just ain't getting too excited about posting much of anything .Exhaustion will do that to a guy.

Hey, get yer minds out of the gutter.
Sure, there is some of that too but we wind up watching movies until all hours of the night and then sleeping half the day.

Let me tell ya, this lady takes damn good care of my broken up skinny ass, I think she loves me or something.
I brought some huge pork ribs with me and she whipped up a magnificent marinade to soak them in. Lemme tell ya, that was a big assed hog, the bastards barely fit in a cookie sheet, bent over.
Oh, fuck yes they were good!
Laid in a couple days worth of sin while I am up here and am going to pick up some more when I leave. Sin, the stuff they like to tax so fucking much.
Booze and smokes.
Fucking bastards here in Washington state.
Across the river in The Dalles, I found filter less smokes for $3.50 a pack and a fifth of George Dickel Black Label whiskey for $15.75.
Last week at my folks, I paid $9.50 for one motherfucking pack of smokes and a cheap bottle of whiskey is $12.00.
Even gas is cheaper over there and it isn't self serve. It freaks the attendant out when ya tip 'em a buck too.
Hey, been there , done that. In freezing weather, rain, snow, hail, all that mail man kinda shit weather conditions.
People get used to the service and don't think twice about tipping a bartender but fuck that moron that just stood out in the cold and filled my tank. That just ain't right. Service is service.
Remember that the next time you stop and get gas in Oregon or New Jersey, they are the last two states that don't have self service gas stations.

Anyways, I ain't dead yet, just enjoying hanging out with my little sweety.
She is a good girl and I am one lucky sonofabitch.Ya don't find girls like her anymore, seriously.
She puts up with me pretty damn good, that says something, loudly.
Now, where the hell did I set that whiskey bottle down?

Btw, Happy Labor day to all of ya's even if yer like me and ain't currently employed, we still fucking earned it.


  1. Yeah, I tip the guy at the pump. Some places still have full service. Worked at a gas station when I was a kid.

  2. I think everybody is laying back today.
    I've slept on and off all day. The phone hasn't rung and I like it. Fuck the web. I just don't care about it much anymore. chill

  3. happy labor day babe -- smooches to you and ng

    am glad you got some down time with someone to watch out for and take care of your skinny ass dood

  4. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Happy Labor Day, all!
    going to do as little as humanly possible today, everyone enjoy themselves.
    mrs. jp

  5. Whilst I'm on the chain gang putting the labor back into the day here in Canada (where work never sleeps but instead creeps), y'all enjoy your besotted layaboutery just as the righteous should.


  6. Happy Labor Day Busted... Enjoy to the max... I will be smoking a nice big rack of ribs today. You try Zea's Thai rib sauce at the very end of cooking yere ribs. You can order it from There are also lots of great Cajun spices there... try them you Will Like them..