Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Message To My Government

What is it with you people?

You feel the need to have the ability to search my Email and track my foot print on the internet now too?
What the fuck is the matter with you idiots?
Just Friend me on Face book or send me an Email and I will be more than happy to share the pictures of tits that happen to be making the rounds today.

And what is this crap I hear about the President can order the assination of any one he wants now? Back in the day, it was the other way around. Let's see, JFK, Bobby, MLK, Malkcome X,, not to mention a couple of botched jobs like Reagan and the fucking Pope, George Wallace and Larry fucking Flynt.
What's up with that?
 You must have some nasty people working for you and I just happen to help pay for this?
Get a grip.
I am certainly not condoning this kind of behavior, I just find it unconcerting that you do.
What's with this rendition shit, did I not hear that you were a Constitutional scholar?
That would be a fail on that test.
 War crimes?
What the hell?

 SWAT teams?
Traffic cameras for Christ sakes?

Xray body scans of little kids?
Body cavity searches to get on a fucking air plane?
 Are you fucking kidding me?

You are woried about my fucking Emails?
 This is insanity.
 You need to get your head out of your ass and fix the economy and tell your little pervert minions to stay the fuck out of my perverted little emails and get the fuck busy putting this joint back together under the letter of the laws that have been on the books for two hundred fucking years and quit wasting time making shit up  trying to justify some whacked out  George Orwell  imaginary  scenario that you got sold by some paranoid civil servant.

I certainly have better things to do than worry about some STASI asshole poring over the Emails that I send back and forth between family and friends and so the fuck do you.

If you are nice, I will forward you the one that says Bill Gates will send you money for forwarding his Email.
I can't wait to see the responses to this one.


  1. Damn and this Bro is way more liberal than most of us.But yeah what you said.I will jump on a bandwagon if I like the band,and you are playing my tune!


  2. I am adding the following signature to my emails from now on: "I will bomb your ass in the name of Allah! Death to the infidels!!"

  3. Nice tits, homeboy ...

  4. Was that Tits Mcgee's picture.
    Don't piss them off to much Busted they'll put a hit out on you.

  5. Hey Fixer, I thought so too.
    Can you say Num Num Num Num?
    Let's play motorboat honey.

  6. Dang Busted you know the NSA needs something better to do all day than read about aunt Tilly's hip surgery.

  7. Anonymous5:04 PM

    But those fuckos do read anything squaked "bomb" or "Allah" or in between. I know for fact that in ur phone mumblings it does ring their bells. Shit gets recorded and "interpreter" will get an email that there is one more in the Q. Then for ratio between plain words and "key" words it will be categorized on importance. If u really want to get attention - plant in ur email some paragraph with bunch of meaningful combination of Arabic names and rantings, instruction-type, USA addresses and numbers.

    Then see what happens.
    Josie, The Curious One