Sunday, September 19, 2010

Never Underestimate The Powers Of A Blogroll

I have been doing some Blog surfing for a couple of hours, randomly hitting peoples Blogrolls and clicking away.
I have found some sites I like and some crap too. Most of it is stuff I like.
I know a lot of people have their favorites that they go to every day but I want you all to take a few minutes and seriously look at the Blog rolls on these sites you visit.
Think of it as word of mouth advertising.

I know I go out of my way sometimes and directly ask the Blog owner to add me to their Blog list.
Hey, if ya don't ask sometimes, ya don't get, right?

I am always open to adding folks to mine, if you have been coming here for any length of time, take a serious look at mine and you will notice it has grown quite a bit over just the last year.

If you have someone you like and don't see it on my list, tell me about it in the comments. If you have a blog and want me to add you, do the same. All I ask is for reciprocity.

Just take a minute when you go read your favorite writer and roll the dice and pick one off of their Blogroll and check it out.


  1. I do some of the same stuff Busted. I will link to others and let them know I did and why. Yes I do expect the same in return but don't ask thinking they will do the obvious. That's probably wrong to assume anything. It does happen more often than not.

    There are a couple stories of offers to start up blogs I gave and these were local. If someone would have done the same for me starting out I would have jumped at it but I think they were scared or something.

    Yea I'm just a piss ant site but there is some readership and to act so damn strange is confusing. One was on woman's issues in Africa and this person when I introduced myself at her fund raiser was gone when I blinked my eyes for the first time. Women visit our places. You never know how much awareness can be raised in a simple post on a small site.

    It was her loss big time. I guess she was stupid as well as whatever else.


    Are you getting rested up real good??

  2. This is a really good idea. I've been doing more of it as I've spent time visiting different types of blogs (writers, editors, agents) and I've discovered whole new worlds out there. Good writing, great stories, funny, funny people.

    The upside is a broader reading experience. The downside is a huge rss feed number on days when I just don't feel like reading.

    I'll take the bad with the good.

    Thanks for reminding people to look at the blogrolls!

  3. I found this blog by reading blogrolls. My blog is messed up right now. I sort of fixed it and am going to add a blogroll this week. Yours will be on it. I always read blogrolls and check out many of them. Maybe mine was not a crap one that you read!

  4. Bruce3:51 AM

    Betty Bowers

  5. I visit a site at least a half a dozen times to get a feel for it.
    Truth is I know what some are going to say as soon as I read their title.
    Many have a slant and ignore truth.
    That's fine as long as you know that going in. Some are the same old song and dance. For me I like to be entertained a tad. I've only asked one person why I wasn't on their blog roll. Seems they forgot. I had been going there for 3 months. I thought maybe I wasn't good enough for this person and just wanted to know. Busted I don't know about you, but I spend way to much time going to different sites.
    If you don't go they won't reciprocate. I find that odd.

  6. Tim, come on over, I will entertain you.Busted, I finally got my blog sort of straight and you are on my blogroll.

  7. I'm always hitting other folks blogrolls. Heck, that's how I found you! There are some really great blogs out there, as well as some really lame ones. BTW you were one of the first people to put my on their blog roll(Thanks!)when I first started.