Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He Did It His Way

RIP Tony.
I don't know how he ever found this little rant hole but he often sent words of encouragement and was a hell of a nice guy.
I was wondering where he went, it got awful quiet on his end, I often stopped by his place to see what the hell he was up to.
I figured he was either out fishing or blowing some shit up with high velocity lead projectiles.

Dammit, sorry to hear about his passing, someone I really would have liked to have had a beer or ten with.

Ya know, bloggers are people.
We all have the same wants and worries as the next guy and Anthony was no different.
I gotta give the man credit though, he did it his way.

Do me a favor and stop by his former haunt here in the ether and leave a kind word.
He was us.

My thanks to Mayberry for posting about his passing.....

I have to go now, I have something in my eyes.

Ya old fart.


  1. ...hey Busted,yep we lost a good one...
    ..."He was us"...good line Brother,and oh so true...

  2. He was a good man, an inspiration, and my friend. I have something in my eyes as well...