Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank You

I kid you not, I am a very lucky sumbich.This move went off with only a half hour of dicking around trying to get the Weasel Den into its new home. Thank you Mark, my neighbor, for hauling the fucking thing for me and having to back the fucker up clear through a Motel parking lot and a trailer park because the fucking thing is so long.The extra half hour of backing up over boulders and shit, trying to get the bastard moved over sixteen inches, was above and beyond.

I need to extend some very sincere thanks to some friends and relatives and I am all over that, right fucking now.
Thank you Kevin, my brother.
The man got up at the crack of dawn and drove three fucking hours , just so he could bust his ass.
Bust his ass he did, I am forever in your debt dude.
Then he got to drive three fucking hours to get home.
I do believe I owe ya , as long as it ain't heavy.

Another brother, BP, showed up with a buddy and there was a buttload of heavy lifting going on shortly.
Thanks B. and Mike!
Kevin made sure the fucking thing was level, the water did not leak, the furnace worked and generally kicked fucking ass.
By the way, the water line started leaking at the faucet, my neighbor Roger pointed that out right as I was leaving.
It probably needs a new washer, fuck it until tomorrow.
Let me just say that I am one lucky guy to have friends and relatives to come help me move without a whole bunch of notice and do it well.
I have a neighbor couple who kind of gave me a hard time last year when I was trying to garden, let me just say that that has changed and there will be a garden this year with more than two hands, right on.

OK, it is time fort me to fall down now, oh yeah we has pictures. Thanks Steve, for running home to get yer camera;

The Rat Hole,

Hell, I even met a couple of neighbors that pitched in and My sincere thanks to them for that!

The whole time we were getting with this program, there was a crew right next to us demolishing another trailer and I am here to tell you,these guys do NOT fuck around!
There was a huge pile of shit and they were still going at it when I left!

The Weasel Den

I still have to go yank out the dishes and pots and pans tomorrow, then I am calling it a done deal for this round.
There is a shitload of cleaning that has to be done, moving all my shit into the nooks and crannies snd getting rid of o few items that do not fit.

Well, I am pretty much exhausted, Gthud.


  1. Great news and great pictures.
    Been waiting for this report and glad to hear everything came out so good. Take a well deserved rest.

  2. yay!!! g'thud busted my dear - you earned it

    and hugs for busted's kin and friends for helping the man out

  3. That looks like home. Congrats on your good fortune and good family and friends, Busted!

  4. Man's gotta have a few friends and some good family once in a while! Home is looking good, and I'm happy that all is ended well as far as the move goes.

    Happy for ya, Busted!

  5. Good family and good friends mean so damn much to a guy...especially when he needs 'em. Help like that is never forgotten.
    I'm glad ya got family an' friends like that, pal.
    Now the fun starts...puttin' everything where it belongs.
    Place looks great, Busted.

  6. You are lucky indeed. It's great to have friends and family who'll throw in when ya need 'em.....

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Congrats and add my thanks to all who helped.

  8. Nice digs, pal. All the best.

  9. Awesome days work my friend....Sit back and chill for a bit....well done

  10. SurvivalChick4:31 PM

    Having friends to hang out with...pretty damn good. Friends who help you move....priceless!!

  11. May it bring many years of comfort and shelter.


  12. That's one fine looking liquor cabinet you have there in the bottom picture.

    Fill'er UP! (hopefully better stuff than Raspberry Smirnoff)

    Congrats on the successful switcheroo.

    BTW, before you demolish the rat-hole, check out
    Mobile Survival Bunker and give Craigslist a chance...

  13. GOOD ON YA! Like Rehctaw says, SOMEONE will take it for free if you can't get 50 bux for it! I mean the air in the tires is worth SOMETHING. If it had a propane fridge I WOULD trade you some good shit for it!

  14. Hot damn!!! Glad to hear that you got it finished!

    So where ya gonna hang the Asian Love Swing? Are those rafters graded for that kind of cross-drilling?

    ...heh heh heh...

    Congrats, dude, I'm damned happy for you and jealous, too.