Thursday, February 05, 2009

Time Out

I have more shit going on right now than a fucking Lion could bury in a litter box the size of Rush Limbaugh's ego.

Just for fun, Google Litter Box and Rush Limbaugh, hopefully ya get A Piece of Shit as a result with two hundred million results.


  1. Love It! Rove and Kitty Litter, a match made in a tom cat's ass.

    Speaking of assholes, I was thinking about Cheney after watching Rachel and Keith and it got me thinking about a song written and performed by an old busker friend of mine. Lo and behold, someone took this song and did a video of it.

    Check it out at Shamanaqua and let me know what you think. Steal it, post it here, whatever you want, I think we could all use the suggestion.

  2. I stole it. You should too.

  3. there is not enough cat littler in the world for rush's shit - i can only imagine anyone cleaning the toilet after rush left