Thursday, February 12, 2009

Execution By Firing Squad

Remember all the poisonous shit that came out of China in the last year or so?
Poisoned pet food, infant formula,lead painted toys, shit like that?

Do you know what happened to the motherfuckers that knowingly let that shit get into the worlds food supply?
Yer a dead motherfucker and let that be a lesson to the rest of ya.
The ones that escaped that fate killed themselves.

Now think about what has been allowed into our food supply from our own countrymen in the last year or so.
I remember when you couldn't buy a fucking tomato not so long ago, then it was lettuce, then it was , "We Pretty Much Don't Know Who Had Pig Shit".
Mad Cow, Anyone?

How is that Trickle Down Reaganomic Republican Smaller Government Shit working for ya now?

This fucking asshole with the Peanut business deserves a fucking bullet to the back of his head just like his Chinese counterparts got.
Fucking Cocksucker knew damn well and good he was ordering his employees to finish shipping out contaminated , rat shit infested Peanut Butter products to the whole country.
Who the hell eats Peanut Butter?

Unless one is allergic to them, easily 65% of the country, especially children.

Got Kids?

This asshole Parnell, refuses to testify because he knows he is fucked. The government has copies of emails where he tells his employees to ship the product even though he knows, because he has been told, that it is contaminated.
Read this, then ask yourself if DeRegulation is in your best interest, kinda like those fuckers in the Banking business.

In my opinion, this guy is guilty of mass murder.
Ten people are now DEAD, because he thought he was going to lose a few bucks.Hundreds of children and older folks have had the express pleasure of shitting their brains out and puking up their toenails because of this fucking guy.
Is it just me, or has this country went all Third World while I was watching our elected officials kill all the regulatory institutions that were supposed to protect us from this kind of shit?

Peanut Butter sandwiches should be on the menu for our Congress Critters for about a week.


  1. I second that!! Trouble is...we all know that nothing will happen to this guy and those like him, except may they will get a HUGH bonus or a pension at 90% of their salary if they lose their jobs!

    It all rolls downhill...and we are at the bottom.

  2. You might try to give him a bullet but I'll bet you can't get it done. Fascism is business and politics teamed up to run the country. This team becomes the runners. We become the run-over.

    Got preps?


  3. Naw, it ain't just you. We ARE the definition of a Third World Country.

    They won't get shot but they should, right in the face while watching.

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Imagine if there were really terrorists. They could try to disrupt our food supply. You know they could dump gas in reservoirs, dump stuff in grain trucks or take a piss in a tanker full of milk. Really how hard would it be for one person to get a job in a chicken plant and put a little something in a few packages? Well if there were any jobs for the getting.

  5. Anonymous10:02 PM

    if this country had in fact gone all third world, that fucker WOULD have a bullet in his head, whether by his own hand or someone else's.

  6. Anonymous10:02 PM

    if this country had in fact gone all third world, that fucker WOULD have a bullet in his head, whether by his own hand or someone else's.

  7. The Chinese don't do firing squads. One bullet only. And they bill the family of the person they executed for the cost of the round.

  8. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Glad to know I am not alone in wishing emulation of the Chinese might be used this once to teach a lesson to some of the greedy fuckers!

  9. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Unfortunately, he will probably end up like Bernie Madoff...sipping champagne and eating caviar in his multimillion dollar pad while the incomptent fools in Washington twiddle thier thumbs.

  10. Anonymous7:10 PM

    Deregulation? The FDA knew about it, too, remember? As far as I know, no company will survive on the free market if it develops a reputation for POISONING its CUSTOMERS. We don't need the FDA.

    Far fewer people get sick from food these days, and it's not because of the FDA and USDA. They have so few people to inspect it IS funny. The market regulates itself. Which would you rather go for: XXXXX Brand Peanut Butter, which has recently become synonymous with people vomiting their own intestines out, or Jif, which practices quality control so it DOESN'T poison its customers and subsequently get its butt sued off?

    As it is, what kind of people is a nation when they flip out about a few cases of what was commonplace 100 years ago? The kind of people who want the government to give them nice Lexan hamster balls to roll around in so no sharp pokey things hurt their poor, soft, pudgy skin.

    People need to grow some spines again. All the gubbmint regulation in the world can't stop the coming depression, folks. Everything they do is making it worse. As others have said, the cure for the depression is the depression itself. Life ain't safe. Things get a lot more tolerable once we recognize that fact.