Monday, February 02, 2009

Some Awesome Good News !!

I scored Big Time today!!

If ya have been following my exploits for any time, you know I have been living in a POS 26ft Travel Trailer I call the Rat Hole.
It's a beat up 1981 trailer that basically half the shit inside either wasn't there, or if it was, it didn't work.
Dents, fucked up doors, no stove, you name it.

I have to get a picture of this for the Red Neck hall of fame.

By the way though, I was very happy to get this trailer at the time and it has served me well., It was a big step up from what I was in before and I seriously want to give a shout out to my friends Steve and Tim for looking out for my narrow ass and getting it for me when I really needed something that didn't fucking leak water all over my bed, no matter which end of the motorhome I tried putting it on, Thanks Guys!

Anyways, Someone upstairs smiled on me today.A big, beautiful smile and I am very thankful.

I have been checking out the local Craigs List for months, dreaming of finding a deal out there and I have seen several but I never had the money.
Today made up for all of those in spades.
I spotted an impossible deal and got lucky.
I found a 1985, 35 foot long Fifth wheel for.....

I about shit a ring around myself before I could get on the phone and call the guy.

The ad had been up since Sunday after noon and I figured it would probably be long gone, but NO!!

Better yet, it is only a couple of miles from the trailer park.

I hauled ass getting over there after work, but I was nervous because I didn't have all the money, my tax refund is due on Friday.
I stopped at the ATM and cleaned out my checking account and went over there with two hundred bucks and a case of nerves, hoping I could talk the guy into a down payment until Friday and IT WORKED!!


Of course the thing needs some work here and there, some minor water leaks, a hot water heater (nothing wrong with the one in the Rat Hole, that was the first thing I had to fix in that thing.)
The landing gear is busted and it is sitting on some four by fours, I will graciously offer to clean up after myself and if he doesn't want them, what the hell?

The tires look good and did I mention it is THIRTY FIVE FEET LONG?!!

This thing is like the Taj Mahal compared to what I have now!

Can ya tell I am just a little stoked?


The best part is that he needs to clean it out of some stuff but he has to go out of town next week so I have TWO weeks to get shit situated and stuff moved around where mine is now and hopefully the neighbor who has been telling me he is going to leave since last September should be gone by then and I can just back it in and start moving.

After I am done, I am going to talk to my boss about dragging the Rat Hole to work, parking it next to a twenty yard dumpster and taking it apart with a back hoe and carting the carcass off to the dump and the scrap yard.

I am just beside myself and am very, very grateful.

Wish me luck and I will keep ya updated.

It just goes to show, sometimes ya just get lucky and this was almost scary how lucky I got on this deal.


  1. Excellant Busted.

    What about the "Tagmabusted"

    Now you'll be able to entertain.

  2. Holly Shit Busted you landed a keeper!! Best of luck with the renovations to make it "YOURS" It might even sweeten up your attitude a bit.Ha ha
    But it is great news for you!!

  3. Add 11 feets.

    Even you cut one off, you still gots ten more'n you had!

    Damn! NICE FIND!

  4. Damn... now i know ya got plenty of room for hillbilly company.

    Will you put the new one right where the rat hole is now?

  5. dood, what a great birthday present. woohoo

    when ya get it fixed up, you gonna have a housewarming party? its like a birthday party but the presents are for your new not-a-rat-hole.

  6. Good luck dear :)

  7. Great news, what a find!

  8. There will actually be a place for people to sit down, at least until I fill it up with crap like the other one.

    Seriously, this thing is as big as an apartment, I might even start looking for a washer and dryer!!

  9. Congrats Busted!

  10. woohoo! good news! Have you broke the news to the kitty-kats yet? Most cats i know don't take kindly to change. Bribe 'em with some catnip and whipping cream.

  11. good on ya, BK! The gods smiled on you fer shure.

    Happy Moving! (if there is such a thing)

  12. Concrats dude! When shit's going your way, buy a lottery ticket!

  13. After all the crap you've been through recently (wrecked back, weather...), this is great! Couldn't happen to a better guy!
    Thanks for the mention the other day. Michael and I were very tickled.

  14. Suh-WEET! You lucky dawg you... Hell of a deal...

  15. with all your luck I thought you might like a print of this poster of another Lucky here or here if the attempt to make a link didn't work

  16. Hell of a deal! You got real lucky with that one.

  17. Congrats Busted,
    I know how you feel, we just got our own Taj Mahal too. Its a great feeling to finally find one and especially a deal like you just got.

  18. Congrats, my man! I'm always glad to see one of our own find a good deal!

    Pics would be nice!

  19. That is great news! Congratulations.

  20. w00t!!!!

    Hey, dude, if you're thinking of names for the new digs, I propose--in allusive honor of the Rat Hole--the Weasel Den.

  21. Anonymous10:39 AM

    YEEEHAA! Good on you! I'll keep my fingers crossed fer ya. Pictures of old and new abodes to follow?

  22. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Congrats dood!!!

    Good on ya, busted


  23. ALRIGHTY THEN! Like I always say sometimes, all ya gotta do is let the gods and goddesses KNOW what you need, and pretty soon there will be a circumstance floating around in the aether LOOKING for someone with just THAT circumstance in their mind, then POOF! Now that you have gained all that RV repair experience you should be able to fix up the new casa real fine!