Monday, February 23, 2009

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Just now catching up with some news and all I see everywhere are Conservative Republican heads exploding everywhere.
I will drink to that.
Long live the South, you have without doubt elected the most child like , stubborn bunch that has abso-fucking-lutley no thoughts about you, your family, your counties or your fucking states viability in the forseeable future.

I have to say, I feel for ya.
Because they are so busy playing hide the weenie with their responsibilities to their constituents and trying to leverage themselves looking forward to the next election, they could give a rats ass if you are starving and can't make the rent.

Bobby Jindell, has the hots for a Presidential run in four years, oh yeah, pound sand,Pawlenty is right there too.
Halley Barber?
Dude, Missouri is beyond fucked even now, and you want to play fucky fucky with money that your State desperately needs?
Bye Bye.
Even Ahnohld want a huge piece of this pie, what a surprise.
California used to be the eighth largest economy in the world, he wants the the fucking money to buy new printing presses for the Food Stamp program. He is going to need it.

New York even sent a formal letter to Obammy, saying if they don't want it, we can haz seconds?

WTF? I know, I really don't like this deficit spending but WTF? Get yer fucking head out of your ass!
If that is what it takes to keep people working?
That is bad?
The other Southern Republican who is threatening to deny any stimulus money is, surprise,
a Southern Republican!

South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford(R) say's he don't want some too.

You betcha fellers, fuck everyone else, we haz principles, just like ya did when Bush was throwing Billions of dollars into the Big Sand Trap. Assholes.

Jindell was reportedly open for some stimulus money targeted for UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS, if he could use it instead to fix some pot holes in front of the Governors Mansion.


The money got voted for, whether ya like it or not, it is on a fast track to be made available, done deal.
If your Governor decides that the principles of his political party take precedent over the needs of his constituents and that is OK with you, quit stopping by here, we will never see eye to eye and Trolls get short shrift around here.

I would much rather see any amount of money go to a neighbor who is having to stand in line at the local food bank so he can feed his children get a few bucks than I would some preening cocksucker who will never even feel this economic contraction and sticks his middle finger up on the orders of his political party.
That shit ain't right.

I will absolutely agree that what is going on in Bizzaro Land is beyond fucked up, the banks should be trying to sell the fake potted plants in their lobby for cents on the dollar, the reality is, people are fucking starving and committing suicide.
I think maybe these fuckers can afford to toss a buck or two to the people who are ultimately paying for these thieving bastards dastardly deeds.
There is going to be a realignment in this country and the sheople are going to figure out this country is fucked but ya can't keep an entire country going Monday through Friday if no one shows up.


  1. The depth of stupidity reaches all the way to the top in the good 'ol south now doesn't it.

  2. Anonymous7:28 AM

    Don't knock it. Anytime a repug stands up and proves he's an asshole is an event to celebrate!

  3. How interesting that those Southern governors want to turn down the federal money, but did any of them turn down the fancy dinner the other night at the White House?

  4. Fuckin' idiots don't give a damn about regular people, just other pricks (or should that be dinks) like themselves.

    I see this morning that CITI Bank is lookin' for mo' money. They already got $150 billion, haven't let go of any of it, and now they're cryin' that they need more.

    We ain't gonna see cent one back from all those banking assholes, ever. Just like Chrysler in the '80's, borrowed $100 million from the feds and never paid any back. Another one thrown on the backs of the working stiffs.

  5. Yeah...sometimes we boys in the South ain't too smart, but we do like to eat! Free food is always tasty!! (and never really free!)

  6. Grandpa - Chrysler did pay back the money and early too. Lee may have been the last man we've seen with principles. I don't know about the current crop of CEOs. Ethics doesn't seem to be required reading in business schools anymore.

  7. Grandpa - Chrysler did pay back the money and early too. Lee may have been the last man we've seen with principles. I don't know about the current crop of CEOs. Ethics doesn't seem to be required reading in business schools anymore.

  8. I, well...I'm actually sittin'...but I stand corrected.

    Thank you Demeur, I didn't remember that.

  9. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Sonofabitch, I see were the mad money guy has stolen my idea for a drop in the 30 yr fixed to 4% as a stimulus for us, peckerhead. Anyway, the mere fact that these assholes are even considering turning down or partially turning down federal money is ludicrous. Jobs are flying out the window 100 per second and butthead doesn't want to extend unemployment benefits. I caught his act with that tool on meet the press and all he could do is spout how the repugs need to get back to fiscal responsibility, Really are you fucking kidding me. Who buys this koolaid. At some point you would think that a darwinion principle would kick in and these bastards would be hit by a truck.