Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blogroll Amnesty, Round Two!

I know there is a certain slant that this supposed to take, linking to liberal Blogs, etc, etc, I have always been a fucking rebel and have always done what I want, this is my Blog.
Therefore, I am going to throw a curveball into this endeavor and start linking to some Preparedness sites because the economy is very much taking a shit like a newbie after a hard night of drinking hard likker.
This is a good thing, these are excellent people and ya might learn a thing or two.
If you are truly a liberal then that means you should have somewhat of an open mind to new ideas, here ya go.....

Meet Mr. Michael Boone.
There is no Bullshit where he is concerned.Straight up, he is a good guy.

Staying Alive is a no nonsense place to get your attitude adjusted.

Just because I am an equal opportunity kind of guy, now meet his wife, Patricia, The Handmaiden.

I get a kick out of this lady, I am here to tell ya.

She has it going on when it comes to herbal recipes and living the life. She knows her stuff and will show you how to find vegetables growing in your own back yard.

This next one has it going on.
Pretty much every post has some excellent information that could save your life. Go read all of it and start paying attention,

RiverWalker is a down home, do yer homework kind of guy.

This isn't play time anymore. Some parts of the country that just got hammered with the biggest ice storm in recorded history are not expected to have their electricity restored until some time next month.
This shit is real.

The next three are from real people who are dealing with the situation in real time.
Coffee With The Hermit, Degringolade, and The View From Treesongs.

All I am trying to do is help spread these voices and remind you that the economy has already started taking a toll. These are our neighbors and they are telling their story about how they are dealing with it.
By the way, I Googled Degringolade because I had never heard of it, how very fucking appropriate my man.

This list would not be complete without Mayberry.
This is living on the edge in the new America.
Get 'em Tiger.


  1. You mention all people I have great respect for, not just because of knowledge but even more so because of personality....GOOD PEOPLE.

    That's what matters. When it comes down to it, there's only a select few I would let into my inner circle when SHTF.

    My group is tight. Online I blog with people, and if it came down to it I would only let a select few in, your aforementioned ppl are a few small number of people that I would consider elite enough to enter this group. props to the preppers.....

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Missed your hatchling on Saturday, hoss. Mine was the week before! Hope ya had fun, I did. Slainte Mhath!

  3. All of them are good people, all of us are good people - so why the fuck is this shit happening?

    It comes down to the unabashed greed of the Gekkos on Wall Street. They found a butt buddy in Bush. Bush told his peeps in Congress to lay off Wall Street. The Dems caved like a bad souffle. Shit was green until the devil came for his due.

    But unlike the old story, they didn't sell their soul - they sold ours.

    If shit doesn't start to wash out soon, there's gonna be a big ass parade down Wall Street and it won't be ticker tape that gets tossed out of the windows.

    Last year I got back $300 from the feds, this year I pay $150. I changed nothing and got only a 3.5% raise. Those motherfuckers on Wall Street paid out BILLIONS in bonuses... with MY fucking money.

    Maggie, get the rope!

  4. Busted, we thank you for the compliments. Ain't been able to get my hat on since I read them. Patricia was happy too!

    David Aquarius gets my vote as blog comment of the morning. Get the rope! is a damn good idea. But we have to start the party in D.C. THEN we can go to Wall Street. Remember, those bastards in Washington somehow hooked us, we the people, up to this fucking rip off and got our names on the contract to bail them out. And I sat here and watched the proceedings on streaming video as the congress went against every citizen in this country and voted to have us pay for it. Dirty filthy bastards.

    Maggie, get the rope! For the love of God get the rope!


  5. I, for one, am proud to be associated in ANY way with the folks you mentioned...I learn so much from the daily reads, and I have to say it all makes perfect sense to me.

    Now if I can just get out of the city before the SHTF...

  6. I got rope, what size ya want? I'm also purty proficient at tyin' "the knot". Let's roll, I ain't got nothin' to lose, but everything to gain.....

    Thanks for the mention Busted, and get 'em I will. One way or another..... Fuckin' bastards....
    (A comment here just doesn't seem complete without an "F-bomb" or two, ha ha!)