Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Word of Advice

Yeah, and I could use a few pointers myself.

This is ugly, as I found out today.

In the middle of the clusterfuck that I went through today, I had to move a buttload of canned goods.

That shit does not just jump up and fly out the door, it is very heavy.

What the fuck?
I know it is food security but if something comes up and ya have to get the fuck out of Dodge in a hurry, it is a boat anchor stuck in the sand.

Holy Crap!

It took me three hours and two trips hunting for boxes to pack up twelve boxes of Food out of a twenty four foot trailer and I am not done yet.
I have not even got to the rest of the shit.
Gahhh!, I am such a packrat!

Fuck Me if TSHTF!

All I am trying to do is move thirty fucking feet!

How in the Hell someone would be able to pack up and haul ass is beyond me.

Unless everything was in a box with wheels on it, yer fucked.
Either that or have a fucking conveyor belt system that a guy could back up under, even then ya are fucked, it takes two people , minimum.

So, a good dose of the ugly truth, ain't nobody going to out run anything.

On the other hand, the neighbor lady that teased me about my puny little garden last year seems to have gotten a change of heart and asked me if she can help me with the one I want to put in this year.

Hell yes.

In the rest of the news, the guy that wanted to buy the Rat Hole has had a stroke of good luck and was given a Fifth wheel to move into, good for him.

He has offered to demolish the Rat Hole and I am all fer that.
One less fucking nightmare for me.

Thanks for stopping by, be assured there is more fun to come tomorrow, the fucking neighbor dude never got his trailer moved out so I can pull my new POS in and there is going to be burnt rubber come tomorrow when I hook up to that fucker and drag it out.

Wish me luck and God Bless.


  1. Hey Busted...hope you get it all worked out, man. Must be aggrevating as hell!

  2. You got it on that luck part! And GOd will bless as is proper. Git 'er done and over with.


  3. Pack rat huh?
    You ain't seen nothin' 'til you've met my wife! 3yrs ago we moved outta the place we owned when we bought her folk's place. Just a block away....good thing. Took us a month and a half of movin' every day, after work and weekends, to get everything moved. Now the house is full and the 50 x 20 carriage barn is full top & bottom, too.

    Good luck with the rest there my friend. Remember, movin' all that stuff is worth least that's what my wife says.

  4. Step 1. Get your boogie bag together. Light enough to let you outrun the hindmost.

    It's great to have a larder, but from the sound of it you don't live in a defensible position. So you need plans. MULTIPLE plans that you can adapt to fit the situation. At this point you don't know which shit's gonna hit which fan first. With luck you'll have enough time to put together something workable.

    But first things first. Splash two rat-holes.

    Get your new home backed in and packed in, using your newfound understanding of logistics to guide your designs.

    Then take a nap. You're gonna need it.