Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Open Letter To Governer Bobby Jindal (R) Louisiana

After watching President Obama address the nation in a fairly forthright way, not all of it,by any stretch of the imagination,I am now watching Bobby Jindal try and rebut that and it is FAIL, 1.0.
Bragging about the response to Katrina is a clue, ya fucking idiot.
Refering to how awesome that response was about six times is a complete failure, just like the actual response.
The fact that New Orleans is still a fucking dumpster turned upside down, three years later?
Go Fuck Yourself and Shut Yer Fucking Pie Hole Dude.
Oh, Awesome Fucking Bonus Round!
The little fucking twit got his panties in a twist because there is some money in the fiasco for volcano monitoring and he just cannot see the wisdom of that and was OPENLY derisive of that funding.

Let me explain something to you, you stupid fucking idiot.

Ever heard of Hawaii?
I do believe that is one of the United States?
Like ,one of the last ones ?
I think, they have a few and I think, they tend to go off and , like, bury whole fucking towns?
Geeze, maybe it's just me.
Does the term Flatlander ever come up in conversations?

Wait, Wait,!
Crap, then there is that Alaska place, you know, where that hot little Milf you guys wanted for the Vice President?

Yeah, that place.

By the way, it is bigger than Texas and WAY the fuck bigger than Louisiana, last I checked, yeah they have volcano's too.

Oh wait, gee , I ain't done schooling yer stupid fucking ass.

Here is the abbreviated list, take my word for it, there are hundreds more, they call them vents.
I have actually hiked or visited quite a few of these sleeping monsters in my day.

Mt. St. Helens?

Let me refresh your memory.
Before 1980,

May 18th, 1980,

Shortly afterwards,

Just for your information, the ash from that little fire cracker shut down the Columbia River, the largest River in the Pacific Northwest, killed over 50 people and destroyed a few towns, wiped out a few hundred square miles of forest,killed thousands of animals, sterilized a couple of lakes full of trout and wiped out an entire salmon run, choked every river around it for miles and cost hundreds of millions of FEDERAL DOLLARS just to re open the biggest water way for traffic involving four states and parts of Canada. The ash from that eruption went all the way around the world.
Guess what, Mr. I don't want to pay for monitoring?
I busted my narrow ass as part of a massive dredging project cleaning that mess enough to get the Columbia open AND the Cowlitz river too.

The area is still to this day completely fucked up and the ash from that eruption is still everywhere. There are still giant mountains of ash and artificial islands a mile long , twenty nine fucking years later.

Damn, I certainly would hate for your ass to pay one fucking nickel for any monitoring, ya know.

Kiss my ass you ignorant fuck.


Portland Oregon.
Ever heard of that place?
Yeah, they actually have a volcano inside the city limits, Mt Tabor.
I actually lived right at the bottom of it. Look it up.
Not to mention, Mount Hood.
Seventy five miles out of town, it could bury the whole fucking town in about an hour.
Oh, that is also where this major city gets its water supply from.

Time out, no piece of shit politician is going to take up a second of my time if my beautiful daughter wants to come over and spend a little time with her asshole Dad.

Ok, I'm back.

Back to the subject here, Mr. Jindal, have you ever heard of a U.S.city called Seattle?

How about Mt. Rainier?

That volcano has been documented to completely bury a swath a mile wide and fifty miles down stream, when it has blown in the past. It is a lot farther inland and a whole lot bigger in person than one would imagine.
See the picture below.

Tell me how you are so against the expenditure for volcano monitoring after you had a weeks worth of warning from the National Weather System, paid for by the Federal Government, and fucked that off to the point a major United States City drowned, along with over a thousand residents and caused the break down of the rule of law, when a Category 5 Hurricane spent a little time along the coast in your neighborhood?

Fuck You Dude.

Shut Yer Fucking Mouth about things you have no clue about, eh?

I still can't make a Gumbo worth a shit, but I ain't getting on National television telling everyone else how the guy in Duluth can't either but ya damn well better not pay for him to find out that a fucking natural disaster is imminent and he might need to like, evacuate so him and his family don't get fucking incinerated because a size large sulphur fart is coming down the pipe out of the biggest alimentary canal the world has ever seen and there just happens to be a few thousand years of ice and snow flying along with it.

I am so sick of you ignorant cocksuckers in the Republican party flailing away trying to convince my ass that you have ONE SINGLE ANSWER FOR ANYTHING that at this point, I would seriously consider a recipe for cat piss to be a major improvement out of you fucking idiots.

Fuck off and get the hell back to taking care of the people who elected your dumb fucking ass, they obviously need it more that I need you to pass judgment on programs designed to protect me and a few MILLION other neighbors from a natural disaster that you have proven you have ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA THAT IS A REAL THREAT.

Jeez, I forgot, they think the world is flat.
Never seen a fucking Volcano?
Let me help you,

Any idea how they get so big?
Ever heard of Subduction zones and Continental drift?
Oh, excuse me, of course you haven't.
I saw on the news today that you are a Rhodes Scholar.
The dumbing down of America must be ahead of schedule.


  1. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Wish I'd said that.
    How are the new digs coming?

  2. Ain't had time to go there.
    BTW, I think I updated this post a couple times since you commented.
    Thanks fer stopping by man.

  3. *standing on chair clapping*

    that is one fine rant dood - wish our media would follow your lead and take those forking talking points and shred them with the facts.

  4. Any money there for Busted monitoring? Eruptions are good sometimes too.

    In his defense, Jindal is a douchebag, so anything he says should be considered with that in mind.

  5. It all reminds me of those "community organizer" barbs Palin spouted last summer. They're being snide just because they think it sounds good, having no fucking clue what the hell they're talking about. I think Jindal killed all presidential hopes last night, though I'm sure they weren't all that realistic in the first place.

  6. What? we have to have someone give a response after Obama's speech, Jeezus christ! Talk about a tough act to follow.

    Hey! call up that convenience store guy down in lousianna and see if he'll do it. Should be good for a laugh!

  7. busted, you rawk. Your rants are always "I wish i'd said that." *applauds*

  8. Excellent post, Busted.
    Thank you, I couldn't have come close to what you said.

    Thanks again, pal.

  9. This will be a rant to remember. I wonder if Jinny thinks we can just sacrafice a virgin to the volcano gods? Let's see are there any virgins left in Louisiania?

  10. Great post, my man! I'm grinning with glee as I write this out!

    Think you about said it all!

  11. Busted your use of the "Peoples" English leaves me speechless!! Well not quite speechless but close! You have as you always do put it just the way I would have if I took a week to write/edit/write/edit and then maybe I would be close... Keep up the fine commentary Busted I love to visit and see what has been crawling up your ass lately and I see "Bobby" really set you OFF!
    Fucking A right Republicans are nothing but one trick doggies... CUT TAXES! Ya can't save on yer taxes if ya don't have a fucking job assholes!

  12. practicaltruist5:07 PM

    Thanks for the smackdown! I cannot believe that guy. I had read some articles that praised him in years past, but this was a major wipeout for Jindal. How long can he hide? People will point and laugh for a long time. So glad you tackled the volcano monitoring. Think we're going to hear anything about wasteful spending on levee monitoring?

  13. One of the best posts/rants I've ever read!

    By the way, on a clear day (seldom any more) I can see Mts. Lassen and Shasta from a fire lookout near here.

  14. Thanks folks, I am kind of blushing but outright bullshit from a potential Republican Presidential contender about a subject he doesn't know a fucking thing about on National television to make cheap political points is about is enough to piss me off. The fact that what he was deriding has a profound impact on a few million people clear across the country from the biggest Fail in history by his own party and DIRECTLY affects me, pissed me clear the fuck off, and as you see, I have personal experience on the matter.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  15. 'Nucks, ya fuckin' inspired me. Not as good as yours, but pretty good for me.

  16. Bravo Busted!
    I found a map of potentially active volcanos here in the US...

    That's a lot of monitoring, looks like.

  17. Dude, if I was half the man I think I am, I'd kiss ya.

    Been there, BK... been there and back. Drove 225 miles through the worst of Mt. St. Helens on that Sunday in May, 1980. From the Tri Cities (Richland) up almost to Canada. Had to stop the car a dozen times to shake out the air filter. I bet I got a pound and a half of ash sitting pretty deep in the lungs to this day.

    Fuck Booby Jindal and his whiny ass bullshit. That motherfucker is due to come up here for a meeting with Microsoft in a few weeks. I think we should give him a guided tour of the Dome growing out of what's left of St. Helens.

  18. SunnyN2:11 AM

    Busted A+

  19. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Great rant! And double great for the research about volcanoes and their pictures.

    (a visitor from Brilliant at Breakfast)

  20. Thank YOU, Onery! I am 30 miles from Rainier and would like to drop Jindal right up there on the cone, let HIM monitor for a while, as a public service!

    ::::::goes back to singing lullabies to the sleepy volcanoes::::::

  21. Anonymous9:54 AM

    don't hold back, busted: tell us how you really feel... :~)

    - punaise

  22. Great rant, Busted! Haven't been here before but adding you to my 'list'. Need the laughs.

    Also - you are the only one so far that has mentioned Hawaii. Lots of talk about Alaska, West Coast, and the Yellowstone caldera - but other than you, nothing on Hawaii.

    BTW, I read somewhere that there is a worrisome increase in activity in one of the big boys up in Alaska, but because of NO MONEY the USGS has been unable to set up the kinds of monitoring equipment they need to keep an eye on it. And yes, it is next to Anchorage.

  23. So, did Bobby just go directly from Louisiana to England when he went to Oxford? Has he never visited any other part of America? Considering that Mt. St. Helens happened when he was in his teens, you'd think he'd have remembered it.

    Anyway, great rant, Busted. I'd say you schooled that fool, but some folks really are resistant to schooling.

  24. Blader8:29 AM

    I've uncovered what I am told is a partial list of things that the Party of No will seek to ensure is never monitored again:

    volcanic eruptions
    icy weather
    snowy weather
    rainy weather
    hot weather
    sunny weather
    pleasant weather
    severe weather
    viral diseases
    all bacteria
    veneral diseases
    sexually transmitted diseases
    heart disease
    infectious disease
    neurological disease
    preventable disease
    workplace injuries
    sports injuries
    accidental injuries
    non-accidental injuries
    traffic accidents
    traffic jams
    traffic lights
    traffic rules and regulations
    especially traffic rules and regulations, which are socialist by their very nature
    black on black crime
    black on hispanic crime
    hispanic on black crime
    bank robberies
    terror-loving terrorists
    home grown mujahadeen
    nuclear bombs
    nuclear proliferation
    dirty bombs
    weapons of mass destruction
    acts of God
    God's acts of magnificent Love for his People
    all other paraphiliacs
    money supply
    economic activity
    birth rates
    marriage rates
    murder rates
    death rates
    all rates
    graduation rates
    employment rates
    jobless rates
    compensation rates
    tax rates
    bowie knives
    other planets
    other stars then our own
    other galaxies
    other universes
    the beginning of time
    animals that evolved
    plants that evolved
    microorganisms that evolved
    evolution and evolution-loving terrorists

  25. "outright bullshit from a potential Republican Presidential contender about a subject he doesn't know a fucking thing about on National television to make cheap political points"

    I'm with you BUSTED. These useless dogshit motherfuckers should lie dead in the fucking street in front of thier mother's houses as they seem to enjoy leaving others! FUCK EM. Every goddamned swingin dick son of a bitch one of them!

    GREAT RANT! Actually, I came and found it on recommendation from the RUDE one, which is high praise indeed!

  26. Mr. Natural,
    Ya got a link to wichever Rude one ya are talking about?
    There are not too many out there ruder than I am.

  27. Just when I thought I would give up political blogs along comes the best fuckin one on the block!! Loved this rant, you need a radio show, or how about coming on after Keith on MSNBC!! We need more like you to punch their fuckin lights out over at FOX!!!

  28. I think it is very important for each of us to take personal responsibility for geothermal tectonic activity. Eleventeen fucktillion gigajoules of magmatic energy is no match for the home-spun down-to-earth common-sense ingenuity of real hard-working Americans.

  29. StringonaStick10:18 AM

    The Rude One he is referring to is the Rude Pundit, located at: http://rudepundit.blogspot.com/

    Drifty sent me...

  30. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Jindal is a scum-sucking, fucking Indiot slumdog plant hoping to be president so that he can raise the visa caps, bring in more open defecators from that shithole India and take more of our fucking jobs. Then we wonder why the economy is so fucked up? It's fucking dogshit motherfuckers like this infiltrator hinduvader that are the problem. Deport all their fucking curry asses now before they take over completely.