Friday, February 06, 2009

Keep On Chooglin

It is finally Friday!
I have a TON of shit to do this weekend, things like finish cleaning the Rat Hole, my Grandmothers 95th Birthday party and a bunch of other shit,which ,if this like any other weekend, is subject to change without notice.
In the spirit of all work and no play making one dull and uninteresting,I plan to do some partying in between all that just for good measure.

So, for everyone's listening pleasure, I bring you this seriously toe tappin' mother fucker from yester year.
I had forgotten how much I love this tune!

Keep On Chooglin'!


  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Thanks for reminding me. Enjoy your party and stay safe!

  2. So, that got me on a CCR youtube jag that cost me an hour, an hour that should have been spent writing but which I had planned to spend sleeping. In either case not watching old CCR clips & reading wikipedia about the Spinal-Tap worthy infighting of the band.

    Thanks a lot, you ornery bastard.