Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Let Me Entertain You.

Do ya like horror stories?
I just had the living shit scared out of me.

I don't give a FUCK who says I am a paranoid, tin foil hat wearing whack job, this just fucking happened to me, I was actually paying serious attention.

I have been staying at my parents place while they are on vacation.

OK, done deal. I take care of the garbage and recycling and whatever mail comes through.
This ain't my first rodeo, they had their mailing address changed to where they are staying.
Thank Goodness, I swear they are keeping the local post office on overtime just for the fucking junk mail they get.
Another part of staying here is the very important part of keeping an eye out for my Granny.
Ya gotta watching out for them, they tend to want to do their own thing, like I blame 'em, they just break real easy.
So, to my point now.
I just got here a little bit ago and the phone rang.
Granny can't hear for shit so I answer the phone when I am here.

I answered the sonovabitch and get a recorded message that there has been some suspicious activity on my charge card.
That would be my parents card, they don't know I even exist, I just answered the fucking phone.

OK, this sounds fairly serious so I hang up the fucking phone and call my Dad.

I do believe that is a reasonable reaction?

I ask him if they have used a credit card to buy something relatively expensive.
He says no.
OK, here is what I just got a phone call here about and...

Beep Beep. My motherfucking Cell phone from work starts going off, I have another incoming call on the phone I am talking to my Dad on, so I click over and it is the fucking credit card company on my Dads phone and the dirty fucking bastards are on my WORK CELL PHONE AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
My cell phone number is from a completely different state!

Answer me this, a credit card company calls to warn my parents there is some suspicious activity on their card.
I answer the phone but cannot give them any kind of authorization information, so I hang up.
I call my Dad and the next thing I know, my fucking cell phone starts ringing at the same time my parents phone does when you have an incoming call, and when I hang up, both phones go to a dial tone and I can hear my cell phone hangs up a micro second before my parents phone goes dead.

I don't give a rats ass if you can't put two and two together, I sure as fuck can.
There is some wicked assed fucking technology being used against us and that just scared the living shit out of me.

In case you think I am paranoid, yer damn straight I am, there is a GPS chip in my cell phone.


  1. Anonymous5:35 AM

    That is some spooky a$$ $hit man - I won't keep a cell phone for ANY reason, besides the fact me being a cheap bastard.

    The Matrix is alive and well - take care everyone reading.

  2. Pretty scary, my man...

  3. Anonymous9:46 AM

    Yes, one more reason why I don't like having a cellphone. I really do want to run off and be a hermit.

  4. I never assume that anyone calling is who they say they are. Especially if they call you. I'd hang up and have the cardholder call the credit card company. If you have any bad feelings you can either have them put a security freeze on the card. Or if they discover fraudulant charges they can cancel and issue another card. This sounds pretty fishy to me.

  5. Did you see this last night?
    The Spy Factory

    What's scary is the incompetence and goddamned turf battles amongst agencies responsible for keeping Americans safe.

  6. Verifying your suspicions that they have lojack on your ass should ease your worries.

    At least now you're paranoid for good reason.

    Drop keywords into every conversation you have. It will make them all jumpy and easier to spot.

  7. This sounds like some sort of scam to me. Did the recorded message give you a number you could call? I'd suggest you and your father call your bank(s) to see if there's actually been any suspicious activity on your card, or if they had called you about it.

  8. It's that new license! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  9. Anonymous1:46 AM

    Never answer your phone, cell or not. Let it roll. Then review the message they left. Keeps out ALL the vermin.

    Just sayin.

  10. Any recorded message is a scam. They probly called ten thousand numbers and you picked up. Don't worry about it. Just hang up.

    Leave the GPS at home if you go somewhere you shouldn't. Heh.