Wednesday, July 01, 2009

FaceBook Can Still Lick My Ass


They say they are going to give users a choice of what they want certain people to see.

Now then, they are going to give that choice to forty thousand users, then later, maybe eighty but no word on when EVERY fucking Facebook user will be able to selectively decide who sees what.

Ya Know what?

Kiss My Fucking Ass.

The fucking government and local police departments troll Facebook and MySpace like a trout fisherman with a vengeance and I see almost daily where some stupid fuck posts something that gets them arrested for being Stupid Online.

What I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, is when the fuckers that run Facebook will put up a button that says DELETE MY MOTHERFUCKING ACCOUNT!

Whatta ya know, they finally got around to that.

They can still kiss my ass.

Fuckers, as they say, the Internet is forever.
Two weeks of me not logging in?!, Gone forever?
LMAO Bitches, see ya.

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