Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Damn,Stand On It!

Meh, I could go on and on about the complete idiocy of the Sotemeyer hearings with the Retardlicans pulling the same old tired bullshit out of their bag of tricks but no, Fuck Them, they are pedal to the metal, hundred miles an hour , screaming towards the cliff and oblivion all by their fucking selves.

You go boys!

Fucking racist, backwards mother fuckers have absolutely no clue .
From what I have seen, this is a great big game of Grab Ass, Gotcha if you will.

I would be fucking embarrassed to be seen in a historical light acting like these childish motherfuckers.

This ain't the Third Grade boys.

Who keeps voting these socially retarded fucking bastards back in term after term?

I wouldn't even let assholes like Lindsey Graham, Jon Kyl and any other dick head like that to come on my property!
Inhofe would be a fucking hood ornament if I ever got so lucky.

The tank is empty,the cliff approaches and I am going to sit back and watch Thelma and Louise and the entire Republican party go sailing off into the wild blue yonder knowing that they share the same fate as Wyle E Coyote, with a cold fucking beer in my hand and a shit eating grin on my face.

I couldn't wish for a happier ending.


  1. dood - the wil e coyote is just fucking brilliant.

  2. OUCH!!...seems in order!

  3. problem wyle e coyote keeps coming back

    i dont want ANY of them back

  4. These GOP motherfuckers are like potheads who have run out of bud. They keep scraping shitty resin out of the bong and smoking it, even though they know its barely gonna get them high and is gonna give them a wicked fucking headache.

  5. Anonymous11:49 PM

    Leftist Retards.
    Hope you choke on Obammy's dick!