Saturday, July 04, 2009

Independence Day My Ass

We are supposedly celebrating our demand to be free of tyranny today, tyranny from a king in a foreign land.

We should be pointing out that we have a new form of tyranny that is so pervasive that it can read your emails and listen to your phone calls.

My fellow Americans, why should I be afraid that I might be tazered to death because of a common traffic stop?
Because it happens.
Over two hundred people were tazered to death last year.

Why should I have to take my shoes off in an airport and not on a train that carries the same amount of passengers?
Because the TSA is full of fucking ignorant mini tyrants who have the power to yank you out of the boarding line because they don't like the way you look and strip search you, complete with a body cavity search.

The banking industry is absolutely out of control, the government decided to throw the sum of several countries Gross Domestic Product at them to keep them solvent, against 90% of the public saying no, don't do that.
They did it anyway.

There is no accountability in government anymore, they do whatever the fuck they want and to hell with you ignorant voting kind of people.
They fix the elections, the Supreme Court is a fucking joke anymore and here we are, on July Fourth, Two Thousand and Nine, as bass ackwards as we were forty fucking years ago, except now they have the means to really, truly put the screws to you if you open your mouth in protest of what is basically the plundering of our nations wealth and prosperity.

The treasury is empty, the barn is on fire, the horses are gone and we get to listen to idiotic drivel from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly.

Does anyone who actually listen to these fucking blowhards think for one second they have any kind of positive input into our system?

Does Rush Limbaugh have any advice to you that will help put food on your table?

How about Ann Coulter, surely she has a recipe for parboiled sewer rat?

No, these people have nothing to offer that could possibly help you to take care of yourself or your family, only incindiary political partisan bullshit and not a fucking thing that adds to our national discourse.

Things are not all peaches and cream in the land of milk and honey, things are bad.

The economy is fucked, we are fucked and real quickly, the food supply in this country is going to be fucked because they break the damn laws that were passed to insure there was enough food stockpiled to keep a famine at bay.

Try to look for folks who have no hidden agenda, people that want the best for humanity.
They are out there, keep looking.

I know I am hardly one to talk when it comes to partisan politics but I had enough of the Bullshit coming out of the conservative side of the aisle years ago and decided I wasn't taking that shit anymore. Fuck those assholes, I don't care for authoritarian morons with class warfare agendas.
As many assaults on my so called guaranteed Constitutional Rights as I have seen in the past thirty years, I called Bullshit, I am still calling Bullshit and I am going to CONTINUE to call Bullshit.

You can have my keyboard when you pry it from my cold, dead, fingers, motherfuckers.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Have a Happy Fourth and don't forget your duties as a citizen of this country.

Your rights to free speech and freedom from tyranny must be guarded constantly.


  1. Actually your rights must be "guarded constantly", not be "guarded against" constantly. :-)

    Please...don't give 'em any ammunition.


  2. The nutters have said for so long "you libruls are so angry".

    Yea no shit! Got tired of you long time ago. Be nice to you for what you have done and are allowed to continue with the same vile daily hatred spewing from your shit encrusted lips-well I don't fucking think so cause it's the blogs and posts like this that are the reality of life and freedom in this country.

    This consortium of evil cannot be allowed to gain control of the internets.

  3. You got it half right Busted. Now thrash a little on those left wing fucktards who are doing just as much to cornhole the populace as any neocon ever has...

  4. Fixed it Jill, thanks.

  5. You rock, Busted!

    Best 4th of July essay ever.

    Tell us how you really feel (and keep it coming!).


    No, these people have nothing to offer that could possibly help you to take care of yourself or your family, only incendiary political partisan bullshit and not a fucking thing that adds to our national discourse.

  6. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Your still an idiot. Delete away it won't change the fact...


  7. Ahhh, yer so sweet, thanks fer stopping by.