Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grandpa's Dead

I took great pride in the fact he spoke out against the Bush administrations policies and I will always remember his narrative of the moon landing and the Viet Nam war.

The Most Trusted Man In America Is Gone.

God Speed Mr. Cronkite, I hope you trained someone.


  1. and so it goes --- real journalism

    can anyone call joe scarborough a journalist and not be biting their tongue

  2. Amen to that! A great loss and one that will not be replaced any time soon!

    A man of integrity!

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    ". . .I hope you trained someone."

    Aside from his unique speaking voice, you'd think his other attributes would be reasonably common in his field: intelligence, respect for others, love of country, honesty, knowledge of history, and wide-ranging interests.
    The only journalist who even comes close is Rachel Maddow and as much as I like her work, she isn't in his class . . .yet.
    Godspeed, indeed, Mr. Cronkite.

  4. If he did train anyone, I'd sure like to know where the hell they're hiding.... Todays news boobs are the biggest bunch of babbling idiots I've ever seen in my life, sensationalizing everything, injecting their opinions/"analysis".... Just shut the fuck up and report the news...

    Rest in peace Mr. Cronkite....

  5. I went to Rachel's show to get the news and the commentary. I like Shuster OK but he was out of his element. He can NOT improvise! He stuttered more than a freshman on his first date.

    Rachel said it best when she said she felt like being at the grown-ups table at Thanksgiving talking to Rather and Brokaw.

    I watched Cronkite from that day when Kennedy was shot through to his last day in the big chair. There will be no other to take his place, his is an extinct breed. There are some who may come close but the climate change of broadcast news is killing them off.

    Cronkite earned his chair the old fashioned way, he paid his dues coming up the ranks as a reporter. Now, all you need to get the chair is a publicist and a good stylist.

    "And that's the way it is... July 17th, 2009." Goodnight, Mr. Cronkite. Be at peace.

  6. Boy, it's a different ballgame now, isn't it?

    Condolences to us all.