Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Too Hot To Blog


It was a hundred and one in the shop this afternoon, it was a hundred and ten when I got home and opened the door to the blast furnace.
One of my stupid cats literally fell out onto the steps panting like a sonofabitch.
I finally corralled her and got her cooled off.
I gotta make sure they are out fucking side tomorrow, it is supposed to be a hundred and three fucking seven and Wednesday is supposed to be a hundred and five. That will make this trailer into a goddamn blowtorch.
It is now nine o'clock, it is STILL ninety fucking seven degrees in here with both doors, all the windows I can get to wide open and the fans going full blast.
I have been dunking myself in the shower which works for about ten seconds.
Fuck, my balls are sweating just sitting here, which ain't pretty, it's my bald fucking head that is pouring and blinding my ass.

The damn A/C works for about three minutes and blows the circuit breaker so I gave up on that sonofabitch.

I got shit for sleep last night, I might as well forget sleep.
Sweet, sweet unconsciousness is going to be my only relief.

Don't expect to hear much outta me until this heat wave subsides, I am going to find a bar with A/C that works and stay there until they drag me kicking and screaming out the fucking door at closing time.


  1. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Wet T-shirt time my friend. Dunk that T-shirt, sit in front of fan and cool your a$$ off. More fun if you can convince a female companion wet T-shirts stop cancer dead in its tracks.

    Poor cats - man, that sucks. Leave some refrigerated water in their dish. Hope you get a cool spell soon - hang in there man.

  2. here ya, BK... Up here in the Sound, we gots the hots too. My apt is on the SE corner and gets roasting. My internal temp. was 98 yesterday. That was 4 degrees hotter than outside.

    Keep the kitties cool, take Anony's advise with the wet shirt, and drink lots of fluids. Fermented barley malt fluids.

    The Northwest is baking this week. Next week, we burn.

  3. Not much cooler north of you David. We're frying up here too. It was upper 80s all last night even at 2am.

  4. I wish I could feel sorry for you poor guys but we have had 42 days over 100 in the last 45 days. We had a cool front that took it down to around 98 oh those days! So rather than feel sorry for ya, how bout we grab a cooler of beer and find some shade!!

  5. Make sure you leave plenty of water out for the kittehs.

  6. Dude, that's mothefucking hot, for sure! But did you really need to tell us about your sweaty balls? Sometimes you can just leave a little to the imagination, you know what I'm sayin'?


  7. What I recommend when you have to live in an over-hot house: wet dish towels, wring them out, place them in freezer in a C-shape large enough to fit your neck inside, let them freeze.

    When you start feeling overheated, just slip one around your neck and, voila, instant cooling.

    I almost wish I had that problem. In SE Mass. it hasn't gotten into the 80s more than a couple times. It's been horribly cold and damp.

    How's the garden?

  8. Thanks fer stopping by Karen Marie, Mass, and Washington are pretty close to the same Lattitude so you know what I am used to.

    It is still over a hunnert freaking degrees in here, the cats are outside with food and water, I have been in and out of a cold shower six times and have a fan blowing right on me.

    I am still oozing sweat like a Birther caught on camera by Mike Stark and am resigned to sleep in a puddle.

    Shit happens, no one had A/C two hundred years ago.
    A hunnerd and six today, a hunnerd and seven tomorrow, in Vancouver, this ain't fucking Texas, how Sci Fi Chick lives with that is beyond me!

  9. Margot1:06 AM
    look at their neck coolers. They really work, I know someone who works in an un-airconditioned factory/shop and she says everyone uses one.

  10. It's 88 degrees here at six o'clock in the fucking morning....