Monday, July 13, 2009

Gawker Can Suck My Ass,GASP! Marcy Wheeler Said BlowJob On TV!

Fucking asswipes.
You idiots missed the entire point of what she was trying to say, as she was being talked over, the usual tactic by these Right Wing cocksuckers and I am fucking Spartacus. I have Marcy Wheelers back , PERIOD.
Fuck You, ya Pearl clutching, Fainting Couch riding assholes.

Jesus Christ I get sick and tired of dick weed moralist midgets like this.
Marcy Wheeler is the epitome of what these dick lickers in the MSM should be if they ever fucking grew up, she makes Bob Woodward look like a kid trying to figure out the Dewey Decimal System at the neighborhood library for Chrissakes.

The lady is a phenom. She has won the Hillman award, scooped the New York Fucking Times, analyzed and is STILL reporting on the outing of Valerie Plame by this same treasonous former Vice President and damn near single handedly caused Scooter Libby to still be hiding under the radar. Shit, I would bet you a six pack of yer favorite beer she still remembers the combination to her locker in Junior High.
Marcy Wheeler has my highest respect.

Damn well know Dick Cheney would like her to find another hobby.

God forbid someone use the peoples english on television.

Get the fuck over it.

Just fer shits and grins, here is my reply to those ninny's at Gawker;

After I wiped up the beer that came flying out of my nose watching this at Firedoglake,, I cackled like a mad scientist for an hour. Make no mistake, Marcy Wheeler is one of the best investigative reporters on this continent, bar none. Before everyone gets their panties in a twist, I suggest you spend SEVERAL DAYS looking up the things she has wrung out of the barricades our government puts up in it's efforts to hide what it has been up to. Just for shits and grins, this lady scooped the New York Times recently, has won the Peabody award and digs into arcane government records for weeks at a time trying to weed out official malfeasance. Take my word for it, Marcy Wheeler is a national treasure that you have never heard about and when she said "BlowJob", it was to make a point, she knew exactly what she was doing and I applaud her for doing it! What she said, a freaking Blowjob is worthy of millions of dollars and several years of intense political investigation and endless air time and print on every media outlet this country has, but Treason is supposed to be walked away from because it is too partisan and some politicians reputations have been slightly damaged? Get a clue! Dick Cheney has been without a doubt, been shown to have subverted the Rule Of Law on several occasions. Remember that? The Rule Of Law? Yeah, she said Blowjob, gimme a break, she wasn't calling for someone to kill their daughters former boyfriend like Pat Buchanan, where is your outrage there? Selective outrage much? Gimme a break.

I can't wait to see Peggy Noonan and Cokie Roberts with brand new set of clutching pearls on Sunday.


My bad, I didn't check myself before going off on those idiots, Marcy won The Hillman award, not the Peabody and it was Pat Buchannon who vocalized drowning Levi Johnson, not Bill O'Reilly as I had written in my furious screed.
Not that Bill O'Reilly wouldn't agree.

I have to do some more fact checking before I go off on these people.


  1. Talking heads aside it is looking like the start of a squeeze on the Bush cabal. With Holter thinking about investigating torture and the CIA program nobody seemed to know about. The question is did Cheney stall long enough to avoid most of the serious charges? Statute of limitations you know. How were the Rosenthals executed for treason anyway? I can't remember.

  2. Thanks for your terrific reporting, Busted, and I agree with Demeur.

    It's starting to look like a lynching party (selective lynching party to be sure) is forming on the right.

    My guess is that some scapegoat will soon be hauled before some investigative committee and drawn and quartered for the delight of the Faux Snooze tasters, who will dance around and congratulate themselves on finding some evil-doers. What you wanna bet it won't be the real villains?

    And, oh yes, there is no statute of limitations on treason, murder and all the rest Cheney/Bush are guilty of. Even parking tickets are now no longer forgiven.


  3. Anonymous11:53 PM

    @ Demeur: Don't mean to be persnickety, but I think you're referring to Julius and Ethel "Rosenberg", and I'm fairly sure they were found guilty of espionage, not treason. They both died in the electric chair on June 19, 1953. Other than that you got the rest of it right! 'g' Oh, one other thing, "All Hail the Great and Powerful Marcie!Wheeler!" You too Busted!

  4. i think you should get a Peabody or Pultizer or at least a Hannity Award