Saturday, July 11, 2009

Take A Break

It's not always Gonzo around here.
Please take a minute and enjoy a little noticed Pink Floyd gem.

Just fer shits and grins, a shout out to The Earth Bound Misfit, I hope you are having a good time .

Speaking of Shits and Grins, if you are still around, here is a bit of trivia I bet ya didn't know, the lead guitar portion of One Of These Days, a huge Pink Floyd hit from back in the day, was played by David Gilmour on an electric slide guitar.
The guy is amazing.

RIP Richard Wright.


  1. RIP Syd Barrett, too.

  2. Gonzo? Did you say GONZO?

    I got yer GONZO right here . . .

    You don't KNOW Gonzo, you can't HANDLE THE GONZO!!!! *G*

  3. Shit, Busted, I can't find the scene I want, but this one is better suited for you and yer site, metinks! *G*

  4. Ok. Fuggaboutidt the preview two.

    THIS is the master clip. 9 Minutes and more!

    Wait for it. At 3:52 it starts to get all wierd shit in all the best ways!!!! *G*

    Damn I miss that guy, and I still love this movie.

    When was the last time you poured black beauty's into yer Wild Turkey, and shot up your fax machine while yer dobie was grabbin Nixon's balls? *G*

  5. Lord, this is Part Two, and the rest are on the menu.

    Damn this was bitchen stuff!!! *G*

  6. Thanks for this reference, Busted.

    Always a treat to remember the real Gonzo.

    Love ya,


    And you, too, Larue!