Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double Score!

I don't know what the cycle is but I am very thankful.
I seem to be following Treesong in my good fortunes lately.

Good for her and her sweetie.

I got a double dose of goodness tonight after I finally got home to the little varmints.

If you are a regular, you might recall me bitching about the unofficial Home Owners Association mother fuckers who were making my life miserable lately, bitching about crap like my garbage wasn't in teh Glad Bags and my "Yard" and just generally being whiny assed bitches with nothing better to do.

Fuck me.
Anyways, I dropped off the neighbor in between us from work and kind of went, WTF is going on over there?

They are moving.

Even better, the jerk is moving a forty gallon propane tank with my handcart, which I could care less about, that is what they are for, just bring it back when yer done.

I asked him what was up and he told me that they had bought a Park Model down the street for 2500 bucks and he was moving the propane tank he just had filled but didn't need anymore.

I asked him what he wanted for it and he said Fifty bucks.

I offered him Thirty, he accepted, I gave him Twenty that I just won in a Poker Game and will give him the other ten tomorrow.

Double, maybe Triple score, they are moving to torture someone else, I got a forty gallon propane tank that is full for thirty bucks, I get to keep the tank.

Th garden is starting to really take off, I wasn't going to pay $3.95 for a hundred feet feet of string for the beans and the peas from the local rip off ACE Hardware, I got 275 feet for $2.75 while at work getting four fucking screws for something else.

In the mean time, where I live is about to come unnuted with crazy MotoCross fans,the cops are even going to shut down the little intersection I get off at to get home to keep traffic from getting out of hand. It takes eight hours for all these people to get the fuck out of here down a two lane river road onto a two lane highway. Something like Twenty Thousand fucking rigs as big as tractor trailers, motor homes and little SUV's full of idiots wanting to pass everyone.
Oh Yeah, lot's of Rice Rockets too.

Hell, I grew up with that shit, my Dad used to race a 250 Yammer Hammer back in the 70's.

The track is back in the sticks and is one of THE premier dirt tracks in the U.S. .

You won't catch me within ten miles of that joint.

It is supposed to get over a hundred degrees here this weekend.

Have a nice day, they won't let ya bring in beer anymore, Fuck That.


  1. Hey, good score on the propane and tank, Busted! Glad to see you got some good things thrown your way from the muses!

    About time some of us caught a break!

  2. You know what they say, BK...If we didn't have good luck once in a while, how would we know our luck was so bad.

    Glad you're on the good side of the Fates today. Let's hope it last through the weekend.

    Speaking of neighbors, the loud-assed gansta wannabes that lived above me got kicked to the curb - finally and the 27 people that lived in the apt. below left in the middle of the night last week.

    It's just me on my end of the building.

    Ahhhh, the sounds of relative silence. No more crappy gansta rap from above or the freight train sounds of eleventeen preschoolers from below.

  3. No fucking beer? Fuck that shit!

  4. fucking motocross, Camas Days, Washougal Days all at once ... I'm OUT, going with Lonnie to see Red Fang tonight for free at Rottures, dear god check them out on youtube, hilarious

    And to top it all off, the fucking genius who invented WD-40 died today. A moment of squeak free silence is in order: