Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Doctor, Doctor, Please

I went and got the stitches yanked out of the back of my neck today.
No muss, no fuss.
The Old Hippy Doc told me that my body wasn't liking them and was trying to grow over them.
Nice to know that even at my age I still heal fairly fast, lotsa practice, I guess.

Anyway, the cyst he dug out of my neck wasn't anything to get real excited about, a cyst had formed around a hair follicle, got to be about as big as a pea.
Another nice thing to know. Now to see the fucking bill, this oughtta be good.

So anyways, enjoy one of my favorite tunes from back in the day, Doctor, Doctor, by UFO.
I literally wore this double album out twice.

Because my blood pressure was way down today compared to the last time I went and seen the guy, here is another good one from the same album.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Good news on the healing, Busted! I guess even us old guys can catch a break once in a while...!

  2. UFO is, metalish.

    As old as you are, you should know about King Crimson, ya old fart.


    Metal, a wasted mess of shit that ruined good art from the 60's.

    And that includes Zappa, too. He was art. Metal is . .

    Well, I think I've spoken my piece about metal.

    It started in the 60's, reached it's peak with Zeppelin, and was destroyed along the way.


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  4. Shit, bad of me with no manners . .

    Glad to hear ya got a hippy doc, and he's takin care of you and it's all healing fast.

    We DO want ya round a bit longer . . . as long as yer willin to be there for us . . *G*

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  6. Anonymous4:28 AM

    Glad to hear you are healing up. Ingrown hairs are just messed up, your body creating ways to screw with you. Jeez.

    I don't own a UFO album, but a 1980 concert with them as the headliner was the only time I've ever had to be led out of an establishment, due to too much pot smoke, a 5th of Baccardi, and too little air. Almost didn't occur - some A hole threw a beer bottle on stage, and UFO walked out until the concert promoter told the crowd he would give anyone $100 if they brought the guy or girl to them. No more problems after that - just taking care of bidness.

    Anyway, I was fine in the outside air. After seeing 1st band (forget their name), I was watching UFO perform on stage, then saw them through a receding peephole in the black, then toppled over. My brother told me I had a blank expression on my face - wasn't sure if I was seeing Jesus or Lucifer. I just remember not being able to move much, but conscious.

    It was a great concert - saw a drunk as hell Cholo (BIG DUDE!) mow down a swath of people as he lost balance and falling back, knocked them over. When he sat up, just clapping his hands over his head, friggin funny man. He was feeling no pain.

    Haven't thought about that in quite a few years - thanks Busted.

  7. Thank goodness, you're okay, Busted!

    And don't tell me "goodness" had nothing to do with it.

    Heal up!

    Love ya,


    P.S. King Crimson fan also!

  8. Anonymous4:11 AM

    Glad to hear the cyst was no big deal.

    Saw UFO in Germany in '75 or so. Outdoor. All day and half the night. 2 stages, non-stop music. Thin Lizzy, UFO, Alice Cooper the last 3 acts. UFO stole the deal.

    (I think)

    Thanks for the entertainment, Busted.