Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can Blue Dogs Lick Their Own Balls?

Oh, I am SO fucking done with these motherfuckers.

In case nobody has noticed, these Bluedog assholes are trying to carve out a little power base of their own after the Dems getting a fucking overwhelming majority in the last Mass Circus Cycle.

You dirty fucking nut lickers.
What? Ya think you are going to be the Third party?

Some people think I just go after the Ignorant Racist, Old White Man Party, oh Hell no, they are all fair game.

There ain't no Two Party System, they are all the Big Dollar Party.
I just really dislike the racism and Dog Whistle bullshit politics that I can't seem to escape that comes out of the MSM and those who enable that shit.
Witness the current flap that won't go away over Obama's fucking birth certificate.
You stupid assholes. Can anyone, ever, get on a national ballot, ever, without documentation?
Can I seriously sit here and listen to every one of you ignorant fucks trying to tell me that any Goddamn candidate for the office of President in this country has not had only his fucking Birth Certificate certified but every Goddamn aspect and instance of his existence since his mother was born that you have not paid some little fucking GOP operative thousands of dollars to try and find some dirt on this guy and that is the best you can do? If you Political piranha's have nothing to eat except shit, then Shut The Fuck Up!

Maybe aligning yerselfs with the fucking Republicans is going to put you in the CatBird Seat?

Bad news for you assholes.
Trying to fuck us over on the Health Care reform is going to put a giant fucking target on yer back.
This is 2009, the age of the internet?

Y'all stupid fuckers are going to be exposed as to who in the Hell is giving you money.

That would be the Insurance lobbyists, what part of 72% of every day American citizens that want a Public Option and serious fucking reform to the Health Care System don't you fucking understand?

Apparently all of that.

Y'all gonna fuck around thinking it's business as usual and wake the fuck up with yer dick in yer hand after yer crazy boy/girl friend thought you was cheating on him/her,going to the Emergency Room to get it reattached, only to find out you ain't covered and they could give a fuck, you ain't been shot. Oh wait, y'all got some killer heath care we ain't subject to and couldn't fucking afford anyways.
I'm telling ya, Yer Pissing Me The Fuck Off.

What the Hell, you might even get to wait six fucking hours because there were some children in a major car wreck right the fuck in front of you and your Goddamn Dick is not that important to anyone.
It certainly ain't of concern to me, ya fucking bastards.

Maybe you are not getting my point, some of yer fucking arrogant Cant, Understand, Normal, Thinking, contemporaries have never had to wait for Triage in an Emergency Room while dripping blood all over the floor for two fucking hours.

I have, they didn't even ask if I had insurance, they didn't fucking care.
Fuck You sonsabitches.
I had to listen to little children screaming in agony and watch anxious mothers cry the whole time.

This is NOT a war zone,this is the United States of America and you selfish cock bites are munching on quail wings and caviar and telling 72% of the rest of us to suck it up and pay your cerebraly abscessed donors more than we ever have before.
The fucking insurance companies profits have gone up over fifty percent in the last seven years and I am being nice to those fuckers because we all know it is way the fuck over that.

Call me a Socialist, I fucking dare ya.

Trillions of so called dollars to bail out the most corrupt motherfuckers this Earth has ever seen and we can't afford to make a tummy ache go away for a little girl that was born two years ago without Bankrupting a mother who is working forty hours a fucking week?


  1. Spot On!
    I'm thinking of a little free market project of my own.
    Pitch forks and pikes, wholesale.
    Is it time yet?

  2. We need to get a list of these low lifes and make sure everybody knows that they don't stand for the average Joe and I'm not talking about Joe the Plumber.

    With the heat here in the Northwest I'm wondering just how many will die because they've been laid off and have no insurance and are afraid to call the hospital because they don't know how they'd pay for it.

    The military has a government run system. Senators have a government run healthcare system and I don't hear them complaining much. What a bunch of hypocrits.

  3. I just heard someone on t.v. say last night that just like the far right freakjobs are fucking up the Republican Party by making it seem so racists and religious, the left is being fucked up by letting in so many "moderates" who are pulling us to far to the right.

    Amen to that.

  4. Socialist health care sucks, and that is why the Swedes are moving AWAY from it.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch. Remember that.

  5. To Milton f Troll,

    No free lunch? It certainly has been to your guys.

    I'd like to see them start to pay now (and pay through the nose!).

    No more socialism for the wealthy!


  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    The bribees are going on vacation to tour their tribal area, pick up so more unreported cash, press the flesh with the big money guys, etc.

    But THEY will be away from their staff that protects them from the proles and their schedules will be able to be found.

    Meet them with bullhours from Walmart. For those against single payer, be nice to have older person dying of a treatable disease talking to the congress critters, something along the lines of "Why are you trying to kill me Senator Baucus?" at full blast, then return bullhorn to walmart and say it is not powerful enought.

    If you have one of the smart pro single payers, have someone with a bullhorn calling for cheers for a noble congress critter. Having a little old man or woman dying thanking them profusely for helping to save their lives would be nice.

    Either way, video, video, video. Post to youtube, if you get Baucus to shove an older person that will for his greed, it will go viral.

    This is the last shot at them before they pass a bill requiring every one have health insurance and has to pay whatever in hell the insurance companies want.

  7. Yo 'Knucks, your troll is an idiot. The U.S. ranks 50th in longevity. Sweden, Canada, England, Japan, and 45 other nations are all ahead of us, their citizens live longer. Now how about some fucking dickless tool of the reich-wing corporate machine tell me how that equates to better healthcare here.


    Yea that's what I thought. Stupid fucking republican salad tossing closeted gays cannot deal with a fact. So they lie, make shit up and yea, the turd breath blue dogs are giving them cover.

    Criminal basturds.

  8. Yo, Milton, nobody ever said it's going to be free. Everybody kicks in, everybody gets health care. Everybody.

  9. "Pitch forks and pikes" Only $19.99 2-4-1 if ordered now. Where's Willie Mays when we need him...oh, never mind.

  10. Anonymous5:57 PM

    And let the government tell us what kind of treatment 'they' think we need....ooohhh, I feel so much comfort in that!!! We are screwed, bend over and take it!


    We WILL BE LAYING SOME KICK ASS on these motherfuckers, you just hide and watch!

  12. God I love ignorant people, I am fucking surrounded by them.
    Hey, Anonymous Asshole, if you haven't been to a doctor lately, I'll give ya a fucking pass.

    FGwer Chris sakes pull yer head out of yer ass.
    Every bit of modern medicine in this country is already rationed, cherry picked and a swollen goats tit of of insider trading.
    Wake the fuck up and lick my fucking balls.
    I had my lower back fused when I was twenty five years old, I have been through the fucking system and went through twelve fucking doctors before one finally figured out what the hell was killing my ass.
    I just got a bill today from my doctor and I have insurance through a Union and it is still going to cost me over three hundred bucks for two office visits and some in house surgery to remove a small cyst on my neck, after the insurance payout.
    Fuck you and thanks fer stopping by.

  13. Busted
    You know that people who like their health care plan and insurance very rarely have to use it. That's why they still have it. Wait till they need it like you and find out how fucked they are. Then they'll be howling like monkeys about how we should have warned them. Fuck them, the only way they learn is the hard way.

  14. Anonymous2:38 AM

    How could you honestly think we would be better off with the gov running our healthcare? The fed gov makes a disaster of everything it touches. Gov run healthcare is a failure in EVERY COUNTRY that has adopted it, what makes you thing we will get it right?

    Is our current system completely screwed up? Yes. But more gov is not the answer, it is never the answer. And letting them run and ration (yes, they will do that too) our healthcare is insanity.

    Ok, go ahead and cuss, belittle, and blast away. But, I dare you to come up with a real, grown-up argument to this comment.

  15. Here's the thing, y'all want the congresscritters in washington city to make EVERYONE pay for everyone's health care, right?
    Y'all want the people that brought us the war on poverty, the war on UN-civil rights, the war on terror, those DUMB ASSES, to set up a plan for YOUR health care? For my health care? These people can't run their own lives, for heaven's sake, and you want them to miraculously make your boo-boos all nice?

    Hey, how is that "War on Terror" working out for Y'all?


  16. We are paying for it right now fer Chrissakes.

    Who do you think pays for all these uninsured people who have to go to the Emergency room to see a doctor?
    We do, through higher premiums and taxes.

  17. Anonymous9:13 AM

    I'm again held breathless by the ignorance of some people concerning health care in general and the big insurance that is controlling it at this time in our lives. People wish to have a civil discussion with each other concerning this topic yet can't get away from the fear generated by big money and ignore the facts out there, if they care to do a little research. First, What the fuck do you think medicare and medicaid are. What do you think the VA and medical supplied to the armed forces is. What do you think all government employees, state and federal are using. If we are already pay for this with our taxes why not join in. It comes down to the dollar bill and if the government can supply health care at a non profit margin and lower health costs for everyone why on god's green earth can we not get behind this and stop the ass fucking each and everyone of us that have private health insurance is getting every time the pay your premium. Hey jackasses, just wait till your premium comes due when your older and they(the greedy fuckers) tell you your being dropped for some small print item that you overlooked in your policy then when you come whining back to me here's a big giant preemptive FUCK YOU


  18. I hope you peeps are making your calls to the House and Senate.

    The nonsense being floated now about prohibiting increases in out-of-pocket costs and co-pays is the shiny candy coating to make you think it's a good bill.

    There is nothing in the bill that prevents the insurance companies from continuing to jack up your premiums.

  19. Anonymous1:18 PM

    A man begins icy his insight teeth the initially time he bites off more than he can chew.