Tuesday, July 28, 2009

One Oh Seven

No, that ain't a fucking call sign, that was the high temperature today.
More of the same tomorrow and on and on until Sunday.
As of twenty minutes ago, it was still a hunnerd motherfucking degrees in here.

The cats are outside, they have multiple sources of water and food and now I am going to finish melting into a little puddle.

Wait, Beer Me first, I drank over a gallon of Gatoraid type shit today, I can has beer now.
One more cold shower first, I am just fucking oozing sweat.
This in the Pacific NorthWest....


  1. Temps broke here hard and fast this afternoon, it's cooler than it should be.

    I hope this portends a QUICH change for you up there cuz what yer goin thru is just not right.

    Best to ya and the critters . . .

  2. Pacific Northwet is over 100F today?! Wow. Talk about unusual weather!

    - Badtux the not-so-sweltering Penguin

  3. How can it get that hot up there? Never understood that.

  4. This is some crazy weather summer!

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    been over 110 for 3 week's straight here in phoenix!
    Dean in az

  6. Yeah, but that's practically winter in Phoenix. When it hits 114F+ and the entire city practically shuts down, *then* it's hot in Phoenix.

  7. It's too fucking hot in my apt. My thermometer is telling me it's 98 fucking degrees INSIDE my place and 88 OUTSIDE!

    And no, it's not stuck in my ass, it's on the coffee table.

    I'm melting....

    Not to worry tho....I'm made of Christmas snow. All I need is a good December blow...Err, never mind :o(

  8. Bwaaaaaaahahahahaha!!!! Welcome to my climate! Heh heh heh... We been tickling the triple digits since the beginning of June. With the humidity running 80% or more, the "heat index" has been 105 or more for two months. And August awaits..... Drink lots, wear shorts. 'Tain't no biggie, business as usual down here!

  9. Sounds like ya'll have moved to Texas! You are describing the weather here in Houston...!

    I can feel for ya...it ain't comfortable for sure!

  10. groovy and cool here at the beach. I feel for ya bro, really I do!