Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thanks Mike!

Wow....just, wow!
I swung by here yesterday and was checking in and notice something whacko with the Stat counter numbers.
So, I click on the thing and my freaking jaw hits the desk.

It seems Mike Finnigan over at Crooks and Liars linked to me in his Mikes Blog Round Up column that he does and I went from the average of anywhere between a hundred and fifty-Two hundred hits to Twenty Five Hundred hits in one day!

Thanks dude!
I mean, this is a tiny little blog and those numbers are crazy!
Hell, I was flat out shocked.

Anyway, I just want to thank everyone who stopped by , that was pretty humbling.


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Some of us check in from time to time without the big dogs prompting. Congrats and keep it up.

    How about a garden update?


  2. That's a lot of company, my man! Glad you didn't have to furnish beer for them all!

  3. Mike has been known to help out us little guys every now and then. Congrats on the recognition from the alpha dogs -- you've deserved it for a long time.

  4. Ya ya - I stopped by, but don't TELL anyone!