Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Have A Nice Day

That's Code speak for Shut The Fuck Up.

I am seriously fucking tired of seeing what our absolutely corrupted elected officials are doing trying to fuck us when they think we aren't looking.

If you think for one second I wouldn't like to see most of the Democratic leadership take a long walk off a short pier, you are a newbie around here.

I don't give a fuck who is in charge,I want the best for every citizen in this country. your children, my kids , hell, even those bitches I call my EX.

The idiots in charge now are not much different than the last bunch, other than they can speak in complete sentences and have different henchmen with a different agenda,
Rahm Emmanuel is the architect behind NAFTA, remember that.


I seriously don't like this fucking guy.

On the other hand, Rumsfield, Cheney, Rice and several other neocon enablers have already fucked us and have yet to be held accountable.

To each their own, it's your government that is breaking one off in yer ass.

Ya can't scream and call bullshit?

In all seriousness, when is the last time you got an anonymous fucking form letter back from your Senator?


Then do yourself a favor and unload on your Representative. I do.

I have, several times.
I am also on the mailing list so I can get their ego inflating propaganda flyers declaring the wonderfulness of their efforts every week.
It's kinda pathetic.

Fuck them, we pay for their fucking salary and their fucked up Per Diem's, their fancy ass
jets and their Goddamn Quail Wing snacks.

If it is anything like the Bank Bailout where the voting public sent an unequivocally resounding message at nine to one to their Representatives NOT to bail out the thieving cocksuckers and they did it anyway,what the fuck do ya got to lose?

At this point, nothing, except the most important thing that has ever came before these weasel fuckers and their gravy trains, universal health care versus the most vile sonsabitches on the planet, special interest insurance lobbyists and the absolute biggest incestuous cock gobblers, Big Pharma .

This group of butt buddies go out of their way to make sure the population has a set value of, Oh Fuck No, we are not covering that and there are several of your Congress Critters who get millions of dollars , from special interest lobbyists, to make sure some children are going to die right in front of their parents eyes because they have no health insurance.

If ya got no problem with that, break out the Iodine Bitches, yer next on their list.

Let me put it to you in no uncertain terms,
Lobbyists and special interest donors are going to be the death of you eventually.

Half of the voting public in this country can't tell you who the first President was.
How the hell does anyone expect these people to figure out an insurance claim? Let alone
even if they have insurance, the Co pay is more than what they can afford to pay for a weeks groceries for their kids or the policy has some outrageous goddamn deductible.

I am lucky, I have insurance and I had to use it a couple weeks ago, bet me a beer dog I have to pay for the entire experience just to satisfy my deductible.

Some motherfuckers have spent millions of dollars and countless hours of lobbying to make sure our children are functionally illiterate,have no health care and would you like fries with that?

Fuck these assholes, they got theirs and to hell with anybody else.

I have a question for you.
Do you look people in the eyes when you meet them?
That is a human being you are looking at.
In this day and age, the fact that every human being in this country cannot get basic health care, yet we spend BILLIONS of fucking dollars on shit like the Osprey and the F-22 Raptor is fucking criminal.

Get on the phone and call your representative and demand health care for everyone.


  1. YOU ARE SO FUCKING RIGHT, IT MAKES MY HEAD SPIN! If you didn't watch Bill Moyers' Journal last night, he had one of those big shot insurance babyfuckers who had seen the light on his show, and the cat named names and pointed fingers. A damned good program. Here's the link. Open a cold one and twist yerself up a smoke and prepare to be even more pissed off.

    Yer pal,

  2. Hey 'Nucks, check out this gentle soliloquy on health care.

  3. I agree with you on the F-22 fighterpork, but the Osprey seems finally to be doing OK in service. The Corps goes for oddball shit like that to satisfy their mission requirements, like with the Harrier which also had teething problems. Sometimes they get in on the ground floor of development, so to speak.

    They needed something to replace their CH-46s. I flew in those over 40 years ago.

  4. Gord,
    I caught the Hooker Jay piece yesterday and I was nodding my head and agreeing with him right up until he started advocating killing people, Sorry, I can't go along with that.

  5. Generally at the Brain the only killing we call for is state-sponsored murder after due process, like Cheney should get: trial, hanging, then lunch.

    He was a little over the top, but a lot of it was hyperbolic rant. He's a long-time commenter so I gave him a forum and was glad to do it.

    I disagreed with him on another point of what to do with the miscreants. I like my Showtime Rotisserie and would hate to have to throw it away after I did that because I'd never be able to eat anything out of it ever again.

  6. "Get on the phone and call your representative and demand health care for everyone."

    No fuckin thanks. You remember the little ditty about Walter Reed Hospital and how our military people were not getting treatments? THAT is national health care, on steroids.

    FUCK THAT. There are a hundred countries that have socialized health care, and none of them is worth a shit. Why the FUCK would Sweden be moving away from socialized medicine ?