Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Crunch Time.

I know I said I was done with the Democratic Party, I haven't forgotten.

It is now way past time to wake the fuck up and trash these thieving fucking bastards in the Republican party and relegate them to the outfall of a sewer system.

Had enough yet?
Who in their right mind would vote for the obviously impaired Republican candidate after watching the way he has flailed around like a drunken sailor on a three day bender?
Now, let us have one solid second of evaluating Miss Alaska, 1984.
They are still hiding her because she is a rabid, dangerous idiot.Even the Wingnuts are afraid of her, she is as stupid as a box of rocks and would fail a test to become a stump out in a field.
Get fucking real, the lady couldn't run a Goddamn Lemonade stand without trying to put a hit out on the little girls on the next corner.
They seem to have an affinity for that personality type, they are everywhere in our government.
Mean Jean Schmidt ring a bell?

Please, give me a fucking break, these people need to be publicly humiliated to the point they need to disappear back into the fringe of society where they fucking belong, instead of being policy makers and being taken seriously as examples of what this country actually stands for.

The Republicans have run this country into the ground, period, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.

This economic meltdown?
You fucking OWN it bitchez.

Treason, you betcha baby, they been at that at many levels.

Torture, discussed and approved in the White House, carried out with impunity, pictorial evidence is overwhelming, not to mention what they are still hiding.

BILLIONS of dollars sent over seas by the pallet load and disappeared to buy off crooked politicians and plain everyday thugs, trying to buy a win in a war that was not only unnecessary, but illegally sold to the American public.
The Patriot Act alone should be enough to cause anyone with a working brain that this administrations has gone above and beyond in it's traitorous power grab while using fear to further its agenda.
How many fucking Constitutional rights do you have left now, three?
Don't worry, they are ignoring them too.
A completely corrupted Department of Justice.
Vote tampering, the list goes on and on of the criminal activities of these fucking people.
The Police State has completely taken over and ya damn well better not get sideways with those motherfuckers or you will more than likely end up dead, period.

If I find out you are planning on voting for John McCain just because you are a gullible fucking idiot, I do believe I am still afforded the right to self defense.

Get off yer ass and get out the vote so I can still kick the Democrats asses for falling down on the job without having to worry about John Fucking McCain being at the helm of the Ship of State until Mooselini takes over after he falls over dead, or even worse, tries to run this country from a hospital bed.

Wake the fuck up America.


  1. Busted! Oh, wow, I haven't seen anyone else make the Mean Jean comparison, but that is so spot on!

    Plus, the other stuff is xtly how I feel.

  2. Lurker4:56 AM

    Excellent post!

  3. stop sugarcoating it. :)

  4. Hey man.. maybe we should resort to wake-up devices. /s

  5. A 15 oz can of generic brand mixed vegetables now costs a dollar.

  6. I got a couple of buddies (?) who have McCain/Palin signs in their yards. THOSE are not my friends. ANYONE, I don't give a FUCK who they are who votes for these traitorous republican fuks, is NOT my friend. It would be dangerous to stand too close to people who vote for republicans, as one never knows just WHEN THE LIGHTNING BOLTS ARE GOING TO BE CALLED IN!

    People who are that bad at thinking and decision making are NOT welcome on my property. Last election cycle there were a couple of republican dweebs out door knocking and I ran the fuckers off my place!

    Good post. We CAN straighten out the Democratic party, but the criminal right has got to go down.